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  1. Gunna raid you with my entire faction THE VEGI BOIS
  2. Tbh I’m going neutral till more info is shared +1 reasons stated above
  3. You where the best. Will welcome you back any day. 07
  4. Nah nah, its this IT CAN MOVE IT COUNTS
  5. Neutral till Frank says stuff
  6. Hey where’s the god code for 50% off the game
  7. So um... about those chemical weapons?
  8. Seeing @Tinky getting abused by @Jman1308 for the first time Oh, and joining for the first time, finding out ma sound was broke af and getting arrested for having my wep out on defcon 5
  9. Hello boris, I still remember you from CS
  10. Pendragon

    Event Massacre

    /me grabs the deathstar what you gunna say now
  11. -1 it says apply in 1 year also if people are spawn killing you, tell the admins, dont go mrdming
  12. Same as what this fine man said except instead of navy enslaved, 7th for the shovel thing.
  13. Anyone who is caught up in this or lives in christchurch, Stay safe, Stay indoors. Lest we forget
  14. Looks really good! I like the ideas and the DOC so far
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