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    MH1 Staunch

    it says its not available, also @Billybob1061 your comments glitched
  2. This story changes a lot, first you said your brother was minging, then you said that you where minging, also theirs some holes in your story, your bro had to BUY Gmod, if you can show the purchase receipt then well... maybe you are telling the truth if you can show that then I might change my response
  3. *Cough thrawn cough* *Cough welshy cough*
  4. r/punpatrol hands where I can see them
  5. That uh... that title pretty much says it all... -1
  6. uhhhhhh /me looks at all my events riiiiiight what he said
  7. another reason to take him out, I want that data pad
  8. *cough* will this be available for CW?
  9. Neutral till evidence comes fourth
  10. Maccas? I mean subway is good, idk wtf red rooster is tho... pretty sure it aint in NZ
  11. Mega -1, adds more pay-to-win thats in a lot of servers, also, as many people have said, could crash the server in 5 clicks
  12. wait... so peeps in NZ are fine? neat
  13. @Galle I used to hunt Hagraven scum like you, but a foreswarn shot me in the knee with an arrow
  14. The king is DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING
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