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  1. Just a note cause you lot arnt really looking at the bottom: I AM STILL ON THE IMPERIAL HOTEL DISCORD. So if you want to chat just hit me up on there... if you dont have it well... just ask @Bailey (sorry bailey <3)
  2. So... here we are... the end of Pendragon... damn, never thought I would do this. So, as a lot of you might have known I am not that active anymore... Mostly cause of school and that jazz Anyway time for those shoutouts @Wombatiacus Thank you for making CS a great time, CS GANG FOR LIFE @Bailey you will always be great @Cody For being that Grand Admiral that abuses his reg will always be awesome @Wingza For shadow @Jaggy For Nova @Welshy For putting up with my sh*t as a EM Oh and @Hyperion for being a lad A few late entrys:
  3. Aight then, ima go neutral till they say stuff
  4. So uh... Was this a ban off arma 3? Or Gmod? Or what? edit just saw it was off forums, now second question: was it also in game? (Gmod)
  5. 07 whitey, you where the best of us, I will miss you and your shenanigans
  6. *ccough may the 5th* i think Star Wars has impacted the world through many ways, it has inspired many things (including bootlegs)
  7. Pendragon

    Ban Appeal

    You literally tried to join back after banned 2 times, Althing... so I’m changing my response to -1
  8. Pendragon

    Ban Appeal

    If you liked the server that much... just wait and make a ban appeal... neutral
  9. *cough* @Bailey what about republics got talent?
  10. Neutral heavily leaning to +1 I dont know if its just me, but I dont really understand the situation in which you got banned, like, was it Mass RDM? Mass Minging? if that is explained, I will go to +1, I like what the others say about this (thats why its heavily leaning) due is to the hesitant evidence below, I’m going to put a hesitant +1
  11. r/EmpireDidNothingWrong totally not copying, just thought it was a good laugh
  12. What? Damn, you where a lad aphro, peace.
  13. But I use a pac someone gave to me... :’(
  14. Yeah we need the ideas, I’m starting to run into dangerous territory with my old republic themed events
  15. did you really send a email to yourself to do that? damn thats dedication, also that kryprey thing looks like the appature logo... :thinking: Half life 3?
  16. damnit now I need to make one of these for my cult-ish thingys
  17. I honestly do not know what to put here. so im going to stick with my response on your last attempt, neutral. +1reasons stated below
  18. Welp that’s a possible wormhole also the only reason its blury is if the picture was taken a bit closer to the thing we wouldn't even have a picture, singularity's are bloody confusing
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