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  1. Shepard overcompensating God help the Jedi #Shepardop I know this is on its own thread but hey, stuff off it belongs here
  2. yeah... i think if you went outside the map u could still see it... XD
  3. good point... hm... well theirs one last idea I have, since you have to do a thing with shock/riot to get heavy right? why not with the heavy thing, you get cuffs as well? its just an idea, I do not mind if you think its stupid, but its just a thought Anyways guys thanks for the great support but I think its time to admit defeat, it was a good idea, it would get people to join, but I grudgingly agree, Nova is at heart, an attack Reg, but a very adaptable one at that, In terms, were sort of a Misc Reg, we can guard, we can fight, and we can defend, and most importantly, we can take
  4. I have an idea: a compromise As long as NOVA is assigned to guarding Reg Gov and Grand Moff (aka Jman) we get the cuffs, but when you want us to go back to being glorified STs you take the cuffs away. Do we have an accord?
  5. @Whitey look I said I meant no disrespect, but it is infuriating when people trespass in Reg Gov and all we can do is call a AOS and sit on our asses while they run off and hide somewhere for 15 minutes, its extreamly annoying and irratating if they just come back and do it again and again ect ect, you can see where im coming from right?
  6. @Whitey, not meaning to disrespect but NOVA are honor guards! we guard the Grand Moff! its a pain when people run into and out of Regional Government and all we can do is sit there with an AOS as they run away and hide somewhere for 15 minutes! I'm not meaning in anyway shape or form to disrespect you Whitey, but we a guard Regional Government. We are effectively a shortend 996, just do it this once for NOVA, if not, at least give us something to help us guarding.
  7. @Goliath But we guard the Grand Moff, and we full time guard Regional Government, my point still stands as well
  8. @Goliath NOVA is a guarding reg, we guard Regional Goverment and the Grand Moff, if your mentioning the fiasco when two NOVA nearly got PKd... we got it back
  9. Soooo umm i found the best glitch ever https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198297635012/screenshot/950715191001777059 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198297635012/screenshot/950715191001776571 Think hes overcompensating?
  10. yeah, i think 996 has tasers, tasers would help a bit cause it would be hard to capture them, but thanks for the support. Also NOVA in the lore is a guarding reg... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Novatrooper
  11. So all the guarding regs get tasers and stuff, what about NOVA? NOVA guards a good section of the map, and the Grand Moff himself... NOVA should be able to receive tasers and handcuffs to assist in there guarding duty's... only past Warrent Officer 2 tho... just to gain trust (i'm looking at you Julius)
  12. well i kinda scrapped the reg+maul idea wht about event charecters?
  13. Well replying to those who wanted me to find a model i have some... bad news... i cant find a model where Maul has robotic legs but i could find at least 3 when he still has legs also is rebels even cannon? because i cant find any evidence of it in the cannon universe
  14. To Crunchy: god damnit with the memes... To Ramirez: I cant donate... my parents would have my head... which is why I am sad
  15. maybe feature in a couple of events? i dunno i just wana see him in play...
  16. Hey I was thinking, since the new...ish... SOLO movie has come out, why not add in some new things? NEW SUDO-REG: CRIMSON DAWN ABBREVIATION: CD COMMANDER: DARTH MAUL NEW SITH: DARTH MAUL Its a good idea, because SPOILERS, Darth Mauls alive in the cannon universe soooooo... we gunna add him?
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