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  1. heeeeyyyy that was uncalled for im just vibing
  2. So is armoury being refunded or is everything being 100% wiped
  3. welp time to gamble all my shit away
  4. im back i guess, idfk i just know DT looked like range troopers for a night that was funny still sad Chimaera disbanded
  5. Honestly... Ima have to -1 I remember clone wars, it was good, it was fun starting out. however, it got boring very, very quickly. Events where usually the same old "the CIS has come too fuck your shit up! quick, get the Jedi!". The RP was usually somewhat boring due to well... everyone being clones of the same person, bar the Jedi, and they where usually doing Jedi shit. You could barely go out of the base, and people where left wandering the base trying to figure out wtf to do, usually leading to some... weird shit. flashbacks to jeeps I mean, Im not meaning to shit o
  6. Alright which one of you twats gave him a saber
  7. Im scared to get my loyalty test back if these guys cant even change a lightbulb
  8. im scared @Mongo get out project S.H.O.V.E.L
  9. Ok ima just go out there and say it: Theres gunna be a lot of uh... german jokes in this reg... and dont ask why
  10. hold on did... did he get unbanned?
  11. I literally only understood 90% of that, and im on a laptop cause fml. It was working perfectly last night, and I have no clue whats going wrong this time. I will attempt the console retry thing though
  12. Whenever I have the addons installed, I cant load into the server and it keeps timing me out. whenever I DONT however, it works fine. I have restarted Gmod multiple times, halp
  13. legit waiting for Tinky to respond to this
  14. Ya know... I dont see any Nova in there...
  16. Holidays be blessed, and literally the first day im properly back, @Mongo has the shovels (And I swear to god ima smack you) I get Loyalty tested straight away, and Nova has returned under the 374th. God I love this server
  17. so I dug this up, ahh the good old days... when shepard drove around in a buggie and plo koon kept stopping him... 2019-04-04 17-59-08.mp4
  18. Kinda wanna come back cause of this now
  19. I will beat you with your own shovel
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