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  1. Jesus man, you got Cody and kosmos to comment?! Great work!
  2. Right, totally not stealing this from @Wombatiacus but hey, he is my CO... so... new year new me... never thought I’d make it this far... damn, anyway... let’s get to business! APOLOGIES: just want to apologise to all the people I minged against insulted over the year. PROMISES (Reasonably possible...) I promise that I this year, I will not do any regimental, personal or any type of disrespect. NEW YEAR NEEDS: BRING BACK NOVA EDIT: Because of this post @Welshy is now beating me, SEND HELP
  3. Swear to god tinkly just wants to have the piss taken out of him...
  4. AWNSERS CAUSE YALL DUMB: If you throw the thermal and kill in your time it’s 2019, but for him it’s 2018. also the second question is impossible
  5. I agree, I also do not wish to partake in gambeling, meaning I can’t/don’t know how to play good luck rickle
  6. We make cool events and follow welshys orders
  7. /me pulls out starwars laser. oh riiiickle....
  8. Welcome my guy, also if you don’t like climbswep just join a guard reg, navy or ISB, they (too my knowledge) barely use it
  9. I would say neutral leaning to +1, could be used to raid tryouts/training though... also if you can latch it onto people I will probably latch it onto a rankor for a suicide rankor Xd (the animal not the reg)
  10. I notice the lack of CS, DT and INQT... they guard navy, ISB and sith temple/inquisitors
  11. Can you get a screenshot off of gmod? I can’t actually see it, otherwise NEUTRAL
  12. Pendragon


    +1, could do a hound event, also would like to combine this with the @Ramirez divide antlion headcrab event...
  13. Join a reg that suits you best, if you like RP, join navy or ISB. You like shooting stuff, join literally any other reg, you like sabres, join a sith reg, you like flying, join pilots. It’s your choice
  14. Nice work boys, still waiting for mine though
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