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  1. You revived 442nd, it would only be right if you had a successor in 442nd, or someone else that you trust to volunteer
  2. noooooo delta, you where the best MT (sorry mono <3)
  3. Not counting the edit: -1, if you used hacks, that’s a perm, idc what else you have to say, not changing
  4. Hey, can we have a event where there is like, a time portal or some shit? @Welshy
  6. Wow, you guys are dickheads
  7. Thought there was like, one division that had tanks and shit, huh... also so would like to join, cause... yeah....
  8. What about that map that has like, 5-6 planets in the entire map? has like, a desert temple and shit, could add it onto that (if you/I can find the damn thing...) like the planets you dont hyperjump to them, they are in the map alrdy, no hyperjump, you can ligit fly to them
  9. But if you say i am satan im gunna shoot the hell out if you
  10. Pendragon


    I see you looking at me... no...
  11. Sounds like Erp... but eh +1
  13. Ain't there a no revive if it's suicide rule? Edit note: start charging credits for them, people will stop bugging you XD
  14. Or any CS for that matter, delta u keep this going in Gunna shoot up the medbay
  15. Just shove a rankor (the monster) on the planet, that or Rakghouls...
  16. Ya know, NZ is like the natural polar opposite of aussie XD Reason 1: Aussie took all the shit that wants to kill us Reason 2: Its always cold AF here...
  17. Yeah, Still aint got mine XD No rush tho, just want it by like march or some shit
  18. I will take Smokes advise on this, but tomorrow, cause I cant be stuffed doing it tonight, anyway, thanks guys
  19. So whenever I join the IG server it dosent time me out when I have 0 addons, when I have addons it times me out... Can someone help? also I have restarted my laptop as well... (If I have to remove steam AGAIN then I swear to god I will eat a shoe)
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