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  1. Welp... I know this is probably not THAT important but: check your C: drive, usually (my usually anyway) the drive is full, and probably can't add more textures, so yeah...
  2. What's with this Indian school thing
  3. @JDark47 @Hyperion we need a colab of republic navy and imperial navy doing one
  4. I LOVE IT Hold on... where is conwep? Mtv cribs Xd
  5. NZ is hot this time of year... DONT BRING IBISES
  6. Yeah tried to work these, worked but only got them to move a inch
  7. I had this problem a while back, and its annoying as hell Check your C: drive, if thats full, you have your problem
  8. but in reality its a station going into battle
  9. damn thats cold... no pun intended btw... you cant get a staff postition cause you left for a week? thats bull... anyway, main post... BYE
  10. if money were no object I would probably make my own comunity in the starwars RP theme, where you dont need to pay for lore people, but by popular vote, That would be nice not counting palp, krennic and the rest, meaning bounty hunters, droids and that lot
  11. When whitey said the name of it ages ago and you still get PKd for knowing about it
  12. But DT have a sniper that can 1 shot nearly every reg on the server... Sooooooooo....
  13. What I think, is that 224th should have an extra duty other then guarding non existent tanks, maybe like... assisting ENG or... assisting pilots or some shit like that
  14. I wish CS actually had a third weapon... idk tasers would be good
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