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  1. This, in my opinion, is a win for Army. However it is not a win for everyone else. Recently, the placings for events have been whoever has been the most active (well, thats the trend really). An example of this would be the numerous placings of the 439th ST's for "Overwhelming numbers". If this is the trend for placings, we'll be seeing only Legions being placed with the odd outlyer of specialized regiments and specifically made events


    This is my own personal opinion anyway

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    1. Your RP name: Jim Pickins
    2. Suggestion Summary/Title: More guns for the Gun Dealer, and selling singles
    3. Description: Basically, there needs to be more variety of guns the dealer can sell. Right now, its not really that much guns, and not many of them are that good. mostly. Also, you cant sell singles, only shipments
    4. How will this suggestion benefit the server? Quality of Life for gun dealers
    5. Links to addons/misc content: Use the other guns in the addons idk
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  2. oh noi


    Gotta admit. Im hesitant, but I would do a +1 on the condition that when Dodger is unbanned, put on probation. No offence is meant its just... you do have a history

    And by probation I mean the whole "one warn, ban again" thing. again, you have a history.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Vadrian said:

    Come on man you aren't really going to complain about free stuff are you? The competitions are supposed to be happening monthly so the prizes are already incredibly generous and if you want more augment points then grind your weeklies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    625,000 credits, $50 steam game, 8 augment points and a medal - could be worse

    literally not complaining, just surprised its THAT much

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