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  1. Cya Snoozy! Good luck in life man, Best CO out there! :'(
  2. I'm finding no trouble on either ts or CW server, I'm not using a VPN I'm just on Perth servers, if you have a VPN i recommend trying Perth servers. My ping its normal 80ms if your wondering.
  3. "when the ticket got taken by Sully but Zaspan took it into his own hands by his own hands I mean Sully didn't say a word it was Zaspan did everything in the admin sit, the talking the tp the warn, he was the admin in his own sit" @Wingza @Sterling @Rickle @Boris i think you may of miss read what i typed
  4. I never ordered him so stop saying i did, i asked him. "I moved on the third bind press I was 1 lamda space away as he started to open fire on me" @Jye
  5. sorry but im not looking for support from someone thats going to straight up insult me not everyone is perfect at English it doesn't look like you are ether it s got spaces so don't exaggerate it if you can insult me about it then you can read it. you haven't fully read over it and you can tell, im looking for some light on the matter and just to get zaspan to see what happend.. not get him in trouble, or get insulted for no reason everyone else has given constructive criticism while you just have deiced to insult me over something so tiny. maybe dont come back to this post, its for the better
  6. if where too read it i said sully took it and zaspan took over yikes..
  7. Hey, this staff report is about Zaspan/Initiate Zeus. To start it off I was guarding an event ship in MH1 and I got asked by High Colonel Galle to assist him with some SK/RT business, I then went over to Zeus and asked him to guard the ship because I needed to go and help the High Colonel as soon as possible as I was ordered to do. He gestured me to move along and I asked him to listen then he gestured me to move along again then ,he pulled out his gun as I moved on the third bind press I was 1 lamda space away as he started to open fire on me and killed me, from what I know its AOS over KOS a
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