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  1. How many times do i need to tell you if i join back to the server ill stop rdming and ill stop acting stupid and ill follow the rp and the server rules all i am asking for is a 2nd chance you guys are basing me of the event that happened 3 days ago but i changed from then
  2. So i see how it is when i make a smart ass mistake all of you say ''I dont want to see you on the server again enjoy your perma ban'' This time i am serious and ill stop being a minge and i am sorry wolf for ruining your event but what you guys need to learn on this server is forgiveness.
  3. Ok i realized my stupid mistake i am going to stop being smart ass stupid rdming person i am going to change myself in the time i felt like a idiot but now i feel so sad for the mistake and i deserve a 2nd chance because a perma ban is not worth what i did a hack is worth and if you think i dont deserve a 2nd chance dont even call your self forgiving or human thank you for reading
  4. Steam name:Tankadrouid Steam id:STEAM_0:0:93362190 Steam profile id:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146990108 In game name: Laurie Rank 1 Storm trooper Ban perm Wolf 9/27/2018 Have fun rdm Killing 4 people I should be given a unban because i screwed up and its my first day on the server from 1-2 years so i forgetted most rules and how the game works
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