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  1. VariusBenson


    Cancelling Application Ok i am resigning my application from here this community isn't something i wanna be helping for (FREE) if rage decides he would like some custom stuff made he can contact me via discord but i will offer my services els ware unfortunately a small minority as ruined the chances of me wanting to work here for free. Also DayZ has a history of extorsion and threatening to expose people as well im sure you would see its not as simple as that when you have a crowd of 50k + watching your every move one small mistake turns into a major issue and the media will sugar co
  2. VariusBenson


    I did i was told to make a application by ragetank, i don't want to be staff i don't have time to do this sorry if my application sounded like that i just wanna make stuff for the server so i can add to my portfolio some star wars stuff but i don't wanna just make models or vehicles etc for no reason i thought it was best if someone actually gets to use it. I never asked my friend to post i just told him i put a application in he commented on his own
  3. VariusBenson


    Why i am applying:I am applying for this position not for the community involvement as i don't really have time to play the server as such but i put the application in as i know you don't have any 3d artists so if you would like some custom 3d work in your server or custom player models and vehicles i can do this for you but i get the feeling that this is more of a staff application of such please allow me to explain that i will not be able to be a active member in the community or the server as i'm just way to busy for this but i can be a active member in the development team and crate work f
  4. VariusBenson


    I logged on using a family shared account thats not me, my old one is the one use to use a lot
  5. VariusBenson


    Yeha i am the lead developer of a early access game on steam so unfortunately a bit of hate comes with that and the media will always add to it, all early accsess games cop the same hate i get.
  6. VariusBenson


    Appreciate it yeah i would love to be able to create some star wars related models just havent had the chance to hopefully this is the place for it
  7. VariusBenson


    Thank you so much
  8. VariusBenson


    Thank you for the +1 yeha i do apologies for the short description i do have trouble with writing sometimes due the fact i suffer from a mild source of dyslexia but luckily its nothing that can stop me from doing my duties as a developer. (ps: i have gone ahead and added more to my answer.
  9. VariusBenson


    Also here are some vehicles/player models i have modeled and implemented into Garry's Mod VariusBenson 22 hours ago Also here are some vehicles/player models i have modeled and implemented into Garry's Mod
  10. VariusBenson


    Steam Name: Varius Benson SteamID32: 132393704 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/capitalgamingrp/ Age?: 18 What Part of the community are you from? Imperial RP Server Which design programs do you use? Blender, Houdini, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance painter, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Maya How well do you work under deadlines? I can say that i have a lot of experience with working with/on deadlines from doing work for development studios to doing work for gmod communities very much like this one, i
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