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  1. Wrong, this is actually the first ever image of a black hole.
  2. Zote

    Hello There

    Welcome back Sterling.
  3. Good to hear you're okay Frost! Hope to see you on the server soon.
  4. I don't have anything against you, You admitted to what you did wrong and accepted the punishment.
  5. -1 Honestly music in the loading screen would be repetitive and annoying.
  6. Looks good but a Marauder would make it even better
  7. Thanks @Splonter for the photo. IGN: Zote
  8. Zote

    Hi, I'm Back

    Welcome back Kenny!
  9. Goodbye Adam we will all miss you
  10. Zote


    Seen you around alot. Welcome to the forums Lucky.
  11. I agree with Helsing, I believe you should atleast be set to MSGT.
  12. That was awesome. Sucks that i missed it though.
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