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  1. 52 minutes ago, Josh said:

    Bruh I remember being on that boat singing da adaddad add dd da dd dd ad d ada dd a ddd daaddada addadadaaddaadadadaddadadadadaa ad addaad adadad adad  adadaaddadda

    I think I have a clip of it somewhere?

    ahh of course

  2. On 2/18/2020 at 12:51 AM, Jye said:


    Last time I saw you in a staff position, it was under 20 players with you randomly attacking people (who weren't in a duel) with a lightsaber, shrugging it off with an "okay lol" when I recommended you stop. The last time I saw you as a regular user was when the fiasco with the quest system which you addressed above occurred (whether it was a "miscommunication" or not, it still happened). While I'd consider both actions more on the minor scale of abuse/misconduct, they still don't come off to me as the actions of someone who'd be fit to a staff position. My opinion is subject to change, however.

    Good luck.

    -1 I agree with everything Jye has said, good luck.

  3. 35 minutes ago, Rickle said:

    I don't see how Wingza accepting a Bribe in character via /me is abuse of Staff Power.

    Also in the Second Video at around 2 Minutes and 8 Seconds you can be seen abusing Third person camera to see into the CFP HQ. Personally I believe that is abusive and exploitative of in game mechanics.


    Rickle summed it up perfectly, i dont think Wingza was at any point abusing his powers in these videos, I also think that abusing the third person camera to see through walls/doors is also against the rules..

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  4. 11 hours ago, Chubbs said:

    -1 leaning to neutral, 

    I believe tinky is a wonderful member of the community there's no doubt about it but after reading the applications and event ideas I cant help but be a little disappointed in the lack of detail. in the answers and the event ideas, if this wasn't tinky's application this would be receiving -1 and neutrals but because he is known on the server I personally don't think its fair that he doesn't have to try on his application as an application can say a lot about a persons intent and how serious they are about becoming an event master. if you can add more detail and more effort into the application I would be happy to change this to a +1, but for now I'm staying -1 leaning to neutral

    Agreed, if you change up your app and put more effort into it i'll consider changing it to a +1, until then it's a -1.

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