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  1. so sad to see you departing wow... i will miss you dude
  2. can you make it christmas themed
  3. +1 Outstanding member of the community and a prime example of how moderators should be
  4. cringe
  5. Kettleball really got me tearing up...
  6. Zote


    Ahh yes of course, welcome back sir.
  7. Dont ever come in ts again
  8. -1, no detail or effort put into this app
  9. -1 I agree with everything Jye has said, good luck.
  10. Rickle summed it up perfectly, i dont think Wingza was at any point abusing his powers in these videos, I also think that abusing the third person camera to see through walls/doors is also against the rules..
  11. Agreed, if you change up your app and put more effort into it i'll consider changing it to a +1, until then it's a -1.
  12. +1 i really like the first, second and third one bro
  13. ok bro already seen this posted 4 different times
  14. That was hard to read dude, hope all goes well in the future and thank you for taking time to type this and post it.
  15. I do so agree with you, these youngins bringing life into our sport.
  16. +1 Has been staff before, has a lot of experience and would actually take claims.
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