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  1. 15 hours ago, Delta said:

    Damn that's epic 

    Can't wait to see how far we'll go 


    Imperial gang vs Republic gang 

    Which will I chose 

    Which will you chose?

    Why not both? :P

  2. 6 hours ago, Rickle said:

    Shepard Reported to staff a member of the community that was advertising another server and you are basically -1ing him because of that? Shepard also didn't 'bait' he went to talk to this person to have a conversation where they had been.

    In case you didn't see my response I made in full, it said several. I'm not talking about 1 situation as a whole. Yes it is a bit of a biased opinion on my behalf, but there is a particular situation that does concern me, and it is not the one you are thinking of.

    When people act in certain ways, which I feel as if Shepard did, it causes stress and concern for members of the community, as I have seen in a member of the community from some actions taken.

    I feel as if no one should have to feel any large amounts of stress and discomfort from a game server.

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  3. -1 I've had interactions with several people you've baited into bad situations (or know you have baited other people into bad situations), purely to record them and report them. From a members point of view, this reflects really badly on the community, and would reflect really badly on you as a staff member. I think it would be bad to have someone on the staff team, doing things like this for what seems petty reasons.

    I respect you as a member of the community, and the support team, though I believe this has reflected badly on you, and made other members of the communtiy uncomfortable.

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  4. +1 What is writen in the application provides enough detail, as well as good answers.
    Know Ana well, as I have said with people in the past, she would make an excellent addition to the staff team, for not only the Imperial Gaming community, but to improve herself as a person.

    As well as all this, I've been in regiments with Ana quite a few times, and she has proven to be responsible, mature, and anything good you could ask of a staff member.

    One little bone to pick though, it would be good to see you dealing with stressful situations more head on.

    I hope to see you on the team :)

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  5. Wooh! So the winners of the prizes have been rolledddd!!!


    First place winner is Planz!


    Well deserving on a good prize, awaiting his response for what he wants.


    2nd/3rd went to Carswell (Not like I haven't bought him shit before lmao) and Splonter!!! Splonter has already chosen his gift, although it ended up being a CS:GO skins :')





    Thanks everyone for participating, better luck next year I suppose ;)

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    Starting on a more personal note yes, I am finally getting around to posting this woooh!!!
    Sorrry for those who haven't really seen me around much or anything the past week as well I have been super sick, haven't been working or anything hahaha, but anyways lets get to it!

    Entering the competition is going to be as simple as commenting down below allowing me to add your to the raffle / giveaway.
    As per suggestions I will be using "https://wheeldecide.com/" to decide who will be receiving the gifts.

    Now for those of you wondering what the gifts are...

    I have put a little bit of money into my steam wallet, keep in mind this is Australian Dollars. moneys.JPG.a5c61e6a5b95a4cc60b15004f8c73be1.JPG
    I will be drawing 3 winners out of the list from wheeldecide, the first winner, will be able to choose any game on steam of value up to $60AUD.
    Winners 2/3, will be choose any game on steam of value up to $30AUD!!


    So everyone get commenting for your chance to win, Ill draw tomorrow assuming I am able to get on depending on how busy I am, on from there we will communicate and discuss what to guess.


    Love you all good luck!

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  7. +1

    I am giving this plus one for many reasons, I have watched Hyperion improve as a person, player and community member since I made my return to Imperial Gaming.

    Now, yes, in the past he has had his difficulties, problems etc, but in saying this, he has done well in improving, and continues to do so.

    I think not only would having Hyperion as an addition to the staff team would be benefitial to the community, but to him as a person so he can continue to improve himself for the better.

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  8. Hey all! I wanted to give back to members of the server on Christmas, and my idea was I was gonna buy a bunch of random steam codes of g2a or something,

    But I have a problem, I don't want to just post a bunch on the forums because one person I can get them all, but I don't know how else it could be done. Does anyone else have ideas how I can do something like this? :) Maybe do some sort of little competition... I dunno.

    Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, I love you all <3

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