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  1. Looks like we should be good to get on the way tonight, or tomorrow morning c:
  2. CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY WOOH!! Starting on a more personal note yes, I am finally getting around to posting this woooh!!! Sorrry for those who haven't really seen me around much or anything the past week as well I have been super sick, haven't been working or anything hahaha, but anyways lets get to it! Entering the competition is going to be as simple as commenting down below allowing me to add your to the raffle / giveaway. As per suggestions I will be using "https://wheeldecide.com/" to decide who will be receiving the gifts. Now for those of you wondering what the gifts are..
  3. Yeah guys, I wouldn't add anyone you don't exactly know on steam, especially when they don't have any mutual friends and etc, or haven't somehow expressly told you they wanted to add you.
  4. Ill make an official post soon, if anyone would be keen to help me set up poke me on teamspeak c:
  5. Oh hi there, have I seen you around before? Oh wait... Vevo huh? Reg hopper. JK YOU ARE AN AWESOME DUDE.
  6. Thats because I work full-time and never come on in the day lmao
  7. Hey all! I wanted to give back to members of the server on Christmas, and my idea was I was gonna buy a bunch of random steam codes of g2a or something, But I have a problem, I don't want to just post a bunch on the forums because one person I can get them all, but I don't know how else it could be done. Does anyone else have ideas how I can do something like this? Maybe do some sort of little competition... I dunno. Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated, I love you all <3
  8. You only need to come on once a week to be most active chimaera <3
  9. Nice to meet you! Hope I see you around.
  10. No idea who got it lmao, maybe ridge cause he reacted to it lmao.
  11. W5YPI-9VXHQ-N78P4 Civ V for anyone who wants it lmao. Go nuts
  12. Don't believe I have, what am I missing? If he is as bad at rolling as he is at chess I would assume he is trash.
  13. I will contact you in character about this.
  14. You're missing the part with battle scars. +3 Intimidation
  15. Im glad to see that it has been updated
  16. Excuse me this does not state the Navy Personnel who commissioned the report
  17. Doesn't have the worst rolls? Have you ever seen me use the PDLC?
  18. I would never roll for a pk in my life cause I would 101% Guarantee my death.
  19. Lmao I was so angry when that was happening, /me hands shoe polish Who r u
  20. Hey there all, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Renegade, also known to some long time friends in the community as JDark47. Anways, thought it would be just about time for me to introduce myself on the forums. A bit about Renegade, you will find that he spends a lot of time in the bridge, maneuvering Star Destroyers like a boss (Not really just spamming up the comms for everyone <3) Renegade is a Sub Lieutenant of the Imperial Navy, dedicating his whole life to the Empire, and sometimes yelling at Khan (Hyperion). Sometimes you'll find Renegade at an information desk get
  21. I may or may not have been one of the men hiding in boxes.
  22. Name: JDark47 | [IG] Renegade How long have you been a part of the IG Community: Since early 2017. Current Regiment on IG SWRP Server: Navy. Current Rank on IG SWRP Server: Acting Sub Lieutenant. Have you been staff on IG before: No. Have you received any warns or Bans on IG Before, If yes what for: No. Have you played 7 Days 2 Die before: Yes, but probably not for like 3/4 years.
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