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  1. I think this is a good idea, but maybe not best to be around the Star Destroyer, I can't imagine you'd see much propaganda / art on an Imperial Star Destroyer, although, I think the posters would be an excellent addition to maps like Naboo in where we get involved with Citizens etc.
  2. Hey all, so for those of you who don't know I am currently Boba Fett in character. I have been for I'd say almost a month now, but you never know. Basically just wanted to get out there I would love to be involved in RP with anyone and everyone! Though yes.. I do accept hits and seem to get my self into trouble a lot. Just an apology at the same time, you won't see me on much but late at nights during the week because I have new found responsibilities with work, though I try my best to be active and spend most of my weekends on the server. I appreciate all of those who try t
  3. Soo uh.. How about we just make a list of contraband. Wowee, here is a list that is definitely not for the most part copy pasted. Cameras Cologne/Body Spray Tobacco Products Food Items (All) Cosmetics (All) Newspaper Clippings Music (All) Wrist or Ankle Braces (unless issued by Imperial Medical Personnel) Hair Dye Alcohol (drinking) Martial Arts Items Perfume/Body Spray Knives Items Valued over 50 Credits. Bathing Sponges Hair Clippers Communications Devices (Only while supervised by Approved
  4. Yeah I have had my differences with a few different people but at the end of the day I respect everyone equally and don't like holding grudges.
  5. Just wanted to make a post saying thank you to literally everyone. This Community has always been fucking awesome, even though there are stressful times, and shitty times or whatever, IG has bought mostly good memories, and good times. Recently I feel like I have caused a lot of inconvenience and stress, and don't want anyone to feel that. If anyone ever needs support, or whatever, I'll be right around the corner. Im not leaving or anything, I've been tired and a little sick recently, over the next few weeks I might not be on heaps. But at the end of the day I want everyone to k
  6. I think Luigi learnt how to confidently sing in public from me intruding the Jump Trooper discord drunkenly on multiple occasions.
  7. Ive seen you around but you know, I dont really get arrested ;0 You wouldnt know me that well heh
  8. Everytime Navy and ISB interact with eachother pretty much :')
  9. Just for some context, it started with an Engineer bribing the Jedi Council with tonnes of credits because there was a dead body in his office, then ahh,,, It started getting weird...
  10. Yeah welcome back to the server c: I hope to see you around!
  11. ;-; sad to see you leave, My OG commander from my return to IG. It does get hard to balance stuff when you work full time and study a lot and stuff, you have to have a real strong connection / motivation. Good luck with your studies though c:
  12. JDark47

    Gday, I'm Kurt.

    Everyone pay him to do stuff.
  13. OH YES! I remember the stair case waving photo so well hahaha, I think Im still in the old 442nd steam group.
  14. Man it sucks you can't see my name in any of them :'( I missed those days though was so fun.
  15. JDark47


    Kirgin rocking the fan mic as always.
  16. JDark47

    Mess Hall Duties

    Lmao Im just standing to the side watching it all go on.
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