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  1. Looking over the account that you have listed to get unbanned there is two additional bans that go along with the current ban you have.

    Could you please post the Steamid of the other account that was banned? (I can't seem to find it).

    I would like to have a look into any other bans you have received if any.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Bailey said:


    You spent the entire day complaining about how shit the Server is and how terrible its become in comparison to what it used to be, you also continued to randomly RDM people, call false admin sits and generally cause a nuisance on the Server for all of today as well as in the recent weeks. I am also under the impression that @Luigi upgraded your ban to a permanent one, which I fully support and agree with, I do not think you contribute to the Server at all and don't deserve to be unbanned.

    On top of this, this appeal is written like a 5 year old wrote it "D AND WHEN I CALKL ADMIN THEY DO nothing to help everytime i need them." - You have written this like its the Staff's fault that you were banned from the Server and you should be unbanned because of that.

    I don't think you should be unbanned, ever.

    Good luck with your appeal.


    Instead of requesting help from admins when you were supposedly RDM'd, you would complain in OOC that admins weren't doing anything. The only tickets I saw made by you today looked like someone smashes their head against there keyboard as an admin ticket. You weren't able to justify anything, the only reasons you could come up with that were other people had broken rules, and even with previous bans you continue to show a lack of understanding of the rules.

  3. Okay I just want to point out, what DIO uses is a bacta injector... I don't think Bacta Injectors work on droids. (Kinda like the fact that we don't use the droid recharge stations to heal ourselves).


    Edit: I say this as I see DIO as a support, DIO functions better then some smaller regiments as a whole currently, thinks like Bacta should be used on members of inferno / others, not itself.

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  4. This is kind of a thought of the top of my head, but what if, maybe just during events, or in general. we slowed player speed down? Maybe making it so its as if you are carrying lots of gear, maybe disabling the option to sprint somehow, I think this could take away the ability to run and strafe around a whole lot. Forcing you to take cover when you can, and only move between cover when you believe it is safe enough to do so. Might not be a great idea but just a thought.

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  5. Hi all!

    Do you have a spot in your heart for helping those in need? Well, congratulations the IG Support team is currently recruiting! 

    The support team is the perfect way to meet new people from the community and assist them in the problems that they are facing.

    What does the support team do? Well, the support team’s include helping those who need technical assistance with errors that they may be getting in their Garry’s Mod. With all this in mind, it is important to be reminded you can spend long periods of times in channel with people helping them out.

    If this sounds like something that you would be interested in you are able to apply by heading to the "Open Applications" section of the forums at the top of the page!



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  6. Name: Renegade

    Server Playtime: Somewhere between 7 weeks 4 days 15 hours.

    Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Hell yeah, used to in Line Battle Regiments with old Star Wars RP friends back in like 2015, Napoleonic Wars was the sh*t.

    Extra Info: Just a side note, I'm curious to if anyone were involved in any line battle servers? If so, do you remember what your regiment was called, and what role you played? The one I remember most clearly was called Deaths Head Hussar's, they were a cavalry unit, I don't think any of us were really great at it but was good fun.

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  7. LUA PANIC FIX 2.0

    Hi All,

    It has come to my attention that there is a new, commonly working alternative for lua panics. This is much simpler then our other guides, will take a lot less time and seems to be work all of the time.

    As always, be sure to follow all steps, and if you have any questions or inquiries in reference to this guide, or any other support problems, the support team will be happy to assist, just join a waiting room and poke a member of the Support team! (Will have [Support] in their name. As well as the support team tag)


    Step 1 -

    • Open your steam library, right click on Garry's Mod, then select the "Properties" option.


    Step 2 -

    • Select the "Betas" tab at the top, and proceed select the "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries" option in the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop down menu.


    Step 3 -

    At this point, once you have hit okay, it should start a small download ~100-200MB from memory.

    • By now you have pretty much completed the fix. When you launch Garry's Mod, you will need to select the "Garry's Mod (64-bit)" option.


    And that is it, as stated earlier this guide is super simple, and super quick, and works almost all of the time.




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  8. Not only are you a member of the Senior Event Master in the Imperial Gaming Staff Team, you are a Chief, you are High Command, you are supposed to be important and you are supposed to act responsible, and mature. Wasn't it Carswell that was demoted to Commodore for "General insubordinance", a court case made by ISB, which was in relation to him disrespecting, other people in character, acting immature etc. Although "Out Of Character" and "In Character" are completely different things, The way you are acting OOC is similar to the way Carswell acted IC. Carswell was humiliated in front of the entire server for the way he acted, and the way he responded to being called out.

    You are supposed to be a representing member of the Imperial Gaming Community, you are meant to set a good example for the people below you, for the younger members of the Community who might learn from you, and possibly start to act the same way as you.

    35 minutes ago, Sterling said:

    I myself share these views that Kristofer has expressed, all that I see wrong with holding this opinion of Chimera Squad not being a regiment one is particularly fond of, would be for the said individual to hold these opinions to themselves or to express them in a more professional manner.

    Kristofer, and now you appear to be joining the bus @Sterling Aren't disrespecting Chimaera Squad as a regiment, you aren't calling Chimaera Squad a bad regiment, or a retarded regiment, you are calling the individual members of the regiment retards.

    And yes, Chimaera hasn't always been particuarly nice to ISB, and have probably said innapropriate things, but we've never gone out of our way to blatantly disrespect the members of the ISB regiments, at least to my knowledge. On top of that, even the people who have been disrespectful withing Chimaera, haven't held the rank, role, and responsibility that Kristopher currently has.

    43 minutes ago, Sterling said:

    I know from experience in the Staff Sits we've gone into due to ISB v CS conflicts that both sides can say things that they tend to regret and things that may seem very hurtful to the opposing side.

    I understand that there have been hurtful things said by members of Chimaera Squad, whether OOC or IC, but from my understanding there haven't been any from actual Imperial Gaming Staff Members.

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