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  1. Name: Renegade Server Playtime: Somewhere between 7 weeks 4 days 15 hours. Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Hell yeah, used to in Line Battle Regiments with old Star Wars RP friends back in like 2015, Napoleonic Wars was the sh*t. Extra Info: Just a side note, I'm curious to if anyone were involved in any line battle servers? If so, do you remember what your regiment was called, and what role you played? The one I remember most clearly was called Deaths Head Hussar's, they were a cavalry unit, I don't think any of us were really great at it but was good fun.
  2. I ahh.. Did my self good this time hahaha. Nah Genital Jousting is a solid game 8/7. You are missing out if you don't play it lmao.
  3. LUA PANIC FIX 2.0 Hi All, It has come to my attention that there is a new, commonly working alternative for lua panics. This is much simpler then our other guides, will take a lot less time and seems to be work all of the time. As always, be sure to follow all steps, and if you have any questions or inquiries in reference to this guide, or any other support problems, the support team will be happy to assist, just join a waiting room and poke a member of the Support team! (Will have [Support] in their name. As well as the support team tag) Step 1 - Open your s
  4. My recommendation for anyone having connection issues is typically to go restart your internet. Go turn it off for 10-30 Seconds and turn it back on and try again. Also for future reference probably try move these kind of posts to the Support Hub.
  5. Fred : "Here we have Osyein Asshat - HHS manager", couldn't have screwed that up worse.
  6. Oh man this makes me so excited for Santos to come back dude, I really want it to go well.
  7. +1 As an Engineer, I would like a ship lights button... For RP reasons...
  8. RTS but I feel like Empire at War won't be able to hand a lot of people lmao
  9. Doesn't even get a tag, jkjk, always been around ya bud its sad to see you head off. Shoot us a message if you ever needa talk about sh*t irl.
  10. @GeorgeBloon Happy birthday ya loser
  11. Some people do occasionally get problems connecting to the server which can be easily be fixed, if the problem is persisting feel free to contact me on Teamspeak or make a support ticket. Until then can we get this thread moved to solved and closed.
  12. Winrar works for me and it has worked for everyone else so far by the looks of it https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
  13. Lots of people are getting a map differing error with the banankin map today so posting this fix. MAP DIFFERENG FROM SERVER FIX! Step 1 - Open the below link and unsubscribe from the addon. You should not need to unsubscribe from the needed content on the side. (STEAM ADDON LINK) Step 2 - Steam - Library - Garry's Mod - *Right Click* - Properties - Local Files - Browse Local Files Direct yourself to garrysmod/download/maps and delete rp_banankin map file if there. Same thing in garrysmod/download/maps/graphs Step 3 -
  14. I miss hl2rp so much. I remember being 15 and staying up till 7am every morning so I can play with Americans on hl2rp servers, it was so intense and fascinating but so fun. No SeriousRP can compare to it in my opinion.
  15. Thanks for the kind words Hoping to create something good for newer or even long term community members in terms of what they should actually do when they need support.
  16. General Support Guide Hi all, This is going to be a general support guide for anyone who needs help with forums, community and server related issues. Support is a common need within members of the community, and hopefully this guide should open your eyes into what you should do if you run into a problem. Support Hub / Search Guide Firstly, if you are able to identify the problem you are having, it is recomended that you make a quick search for topics to find any possible related issues and resolutions. This can be easily done using the search bar in the top left
  17. Actually a good bloke, made being on the server, and being around Military Regiments fun. A good inbetween of RP and Banter. You will be missed.
  18. Ahhh Basil never placed any hits on you *Nods respectfully* I think we can work something out Just letting you guys know I never left, you probably just don't see me around a lot :') Look ahh, when we are around IHC and killing 996th we don't usually want trouble with IHC, sorry for holding the bridge hostage yesterday :')
  19. I think this is a good idea, but maybe not best to be around the Star Destroyer, I can't imagine you'd see much propaganda / art on an Imperial Star Destroyer, although, I think the posters would be an excellent addition to maps like Naboo in where we get involved with Citizens etc.
  20. Hey all, so for those of you who don't know I am currently Boba Fett in character. I have been for I'd say almost a month now, but you never know. Basically just wanted to get out there I would love to be involved in RP with anyone and everyone! Though yes.. I do accept hits and seem to get my self into trouble a lot. Just an apology at the same time, you won't see me on much but late at nights during the week because I have new found responsibilities with work, though I try my best to be active and spend most of my weekends on the server. I appreciate all of those who try t
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