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  1. Accepted Uou will be placed on a three week probation upon being unbanned. Make sure to read over the server rules before you rejoin the server, your unban should be done this afternoon or tomorrow. Welcome back.
  2. Accepted You will be placed on a two week probabation upon being unbanned, you should be unbanned by this afternoon or tomorrow. Make sure you have a read over the server rules, and keep in mind what the Development Team has said.
  3. If you actually want to be unbanned I'd suggest improving on your appeal, take in heavy consideration what Binny has said.
  4. Denied The General conclusion given from what's in your appeal is that you have little to no remorse, a ban appeal is and should be about reflecting on what you did, why it was wrong, except and moving on from that showing or explaining how you've changed and how you've moved on from the side of you that would do what you did. I think there could be potential for another ban appeal in the future at the discretion of management, but take some time to reflect on your actions and how they effect others.
  5. Accepted You will be placed on a ONE MONTH probation period. Breaking any rules during this period will result in your ban being reinstated. Please familiarise your self with the Server Rules. "Jimzy" will be required to make his own ban appeal if he wishes to be unbanned.
  6. Accepted You will be placed on a ONE MONTH probation period. Breaking any rules during this period will result in your ban being reinstated. Please familiarise your self with the Server Rules.
  7. Denied You can wait out the length of your ban. You choose to act out after coming off your original bans and this has warranted the current ban length.
  8. Crispin, I believe at current time I want to focus this appeal on specific actions and how you can show you've changed. In the past 1-2 years, you went out of your way to target and harass a member of our community, not on Imperial Gaming but on another community leading to a ban within that Community. The things you did, I would say leave un irreparable reputation for yourself. How can we be sure you aren't holding grudges with people in the community, or will grow to have grudges or some form of spite that will cause you to do similar things? This type of harassment is harmful, and
  9. Hyperion has unfriended me on steam now, feelsbad.
  10. Could you please post the Steam Profile link and SteamID of the other account somewhere on this topic.
  11. God we've just started having Carls Jr popping up and it is actually dope.
  12. Just a quick note to people reading the application. I had at the most recent warn prior to the ban, it was DC to avoid arrest if I recall correctly. Unless there was some other reason, i believe this was it.
  13. Need your Steam id here.
  14. Everything should be kept in character even accidentally hitting comms binds. Having that bind is at your discretion and doesn't represent the realistic time of speaking into a comms device, as it would transmit immediately. A comms bind in this perspective would be more like a panic button which can accidentally be pressed.
  15. I can't stress this enough. People nowadays don't realise as much, that once something happens in RP, it's best to be kept in RP. I've see it from all kinds of people in the Community, ranging from staff to users, but trying to get RP voided is the worst approach possible. If someone is doing something wrong, all that you don't like, there is always also a good RP approach to take in response to it. People just tend to give up very quickly. I think if you go get results in RP rather then taking stuff OOC it will almost always be more satisfying and a better result. I've had people take sket
  16. I was wondering how he lost all that weight
  17. Looking over the account that you have listed to get unbanned there is two additional bans that go along with the current ban you have. Could you please post the Steamid of the other account that was banned? (I can't seem to find it). I would like to have a look into any other bans you have received if any.
  18. -1 Instead of requesting help from admins when you were supposedly RDM'd, you would complain in OOC that admins weren't doing anything. The only tickets I saw made by you today looked like someone smashes their head against there keyboard as an admin ticket. You weren't able to justify anything, the only reasons you could come up with that were other people had broken rules, and even with previous bans you continue to show a lack of understanding of the rules.
  19. The pilot that was responsible for chimps deaths on multiple occasions better be getting demoted.
  20. I think we should just send all of Gov to Lothal or something, away from the ISD <3
  21. JDark47

    Nerf Dio

    Okay I just want to point out, what DIO uses is a bacta injector... I don't think Bacta Injectors work on droids. (Kinda like the fact that we don't use the droid recharge stations to heal ourselves). Edit: I say this as I see DIO as a support, DIO functions better then some smaller regiments as a whole currently, thinks like Bacta should be used on members of inferno / others, not itself.
  22. A warm welcome from Navy.
  23. This is kind of a thought of the top of my head, but what if, maybe just during events, or in general. we slowed player speed down? Maybe making it so its as if you are carrying lots of gear, maybe disabling the option to sprint somehow, I think this could take away the ability to run and strafe around a whole lot. Forcing you to take cover when you can, and only move between cover when you believe it is safe enough to do so. Might not be a great idea but just a thought.
  24. Hi all! Do you have a spot in your heart for helping those in need? Well, congratulations the IG Support team is currently recruiting! The support team is the perfect way to meet new people from the community and assist them in the problems that they are facing. What does the support team do? Well, the support team’s include helping those who need technical assistance with errors that they may be getting in their Garry’s Mod. With all this in mind, it is important to be reminded you can spend long periods of times in channel with people helping them out. If this sounds like
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