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  1. This part here if for the most reason why I am giving you a +1 It sums Stubzy up really well as a member of the Imperial Gaming Community, and even though. You have shown that you could provide a good impartial view, and do your best a member of the Imperial Gaming Staff team.
  2. I feel a need to strongly agree with Goliath here. I've had quite a few interaction with Alystair IC'ly, and while not all of them have been bad, they tend non-enjoyable more often then not. You appear to constantly demean other members of the community, and I think your views could ultimately lead to a very biased opinion on the situations you would get involved in as a staff member, and even putting yourself above everyone as you would be a member of the staff team. For the reasons Goliath has stated, and I have added I'll be leaving a; -1
  3. @GeorgeBloon Happy birthday ya loser
  4. Some people do occasionally get problems connecting to the server which can be easily be fixed, if the problem is persisting feel free to contact me on Teamspeak or make a support ticket. Until then can we get this thread moved to solved and closed.
  5. Winrar works for me and it has worked for everyone else so far by the looks of it https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
  6. Lots of people are getting a map differing error with the banankin map today so posting this fix. MAP DIFFERENG FROM SERVER FIX! Step 1 - Open the below link and unsubscribe from the addon. You should not need to unsubscribe from the needed content on the side. (STEAM ADDON LINK) Step 2 - Steam - Library - Garry's Mod - *Right Click* - Properties - Local Files - Browse Local Files Direct yourself to garrysmod/download/maps and delete rp_banankin map file if there. Same thing in garrysmod/download/maps/graphs Step 3 - Open the below link and download the "rp_banankin_starwars.bsp.bz2" file. Extract the folder and retrieve the .bsp from within. Seems people are having problems extracting the type of file on the download, I reccomend using Winrar as it has worked for myself and others. (MAP FILES INDEX) (WINRAR DOWNLOAD) Step 4 - Place the .bsp file into garrysmod/Maps folder. Step 5 - Join the server! IF ANY TEXTURES ARE MISSING HEAD BACK TO THE STEAM ADDON LINK AND DOWNLOAD THE NEEDED CONTENT! This should work for any map that differs from the servers map file. If this doesn't work join the Teamspeak support waiting rooms or make a support ticket.
  7. I miss hl2rp so much. I remember being 15 and staying up till 7am every morning so I can play with Americans on hl2rp servers, it was so intense and fascinating but so fun. No SeriousRP can compare to it in my opinion.
  8. Thanks for the kind words Hoping to create something good for newer or even long term community members in terms of what they should actually do when they need support.
  9. General Support Guide Hi all, This is going to be a general support guide for anyone who needs help with forums, community and server related issues. Support is a common need within members of the community, and hopefully this guide should open your eyes into what you should do if you run into a problem. Support Hub / Search Guide Firstly, if you are able to identify the problem you are having, it is recomended that you make a quick search for topics to find any possible related issues and resolutions. This can be easily done using the search bar in the top left corner of the forums site, and changing search teams to 'Topic' Changing the 'Search in' option allows you to refine your results a bit. Lua Panic is a perfect example, we have plenty of topics posted on the forums in order for you to fix this! Additonally, you are able to just search through the support hub and look at different solutions. Requesting Assistance from Support Team If you're issue is not resolved by this stage, it is reccomended that, if you have the time you join the teamspeak server (syd.streamlinegames.com:10012) and join the Support channel related to you. Here you will find 3 waiting rooms; [Need Assistance] General Support (General Support, whether that be PC problems or any other variety of problems) [Need Assistance] Donation Support (Donation Support, for donations related issues - probably can usually be forwarded to a staff team member.) [Need Assistance] Garry's Mod Support (Lastly Garry's Mod Support, for any Garry's Mod, and Garry's Mod server related issues) Joining the appropriate room allows the correct member to join and provide the best support to you possible! Forums Support System Lastly, we have a support system on the forums! This system allows Support, Development and Managment Team to view your issues, and give you replies and resolutions in our time without the use of teamspeak, as well as logging issues for possible future reference. It also gives options for Staff Reports, Bug Reports and etc, a very useful tool on the forums. The Support Team thanks you for coming to us with issues as well, it allows us to research resolutions for other community members, and give us a look into what issues any servers might be having so we can report it to the appropriate people, so your time is much appreciated by us :). Anyway, I hope this gave everyone a good idea of what the should do when in need of Support!
  10. +1 Think he world work hard and well trying to get the SantosRP to a good and fun place to play on, all round a generally nice guy as well
  11. Yeah I wasn't too sure about the whether it had been returned to 1 week. I couldn't really find anywhere that confirmed or denied it
  12. Steam Name: [IG] JDark47 SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:42116021 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DerAntichrist In Game Name: Vincente Donovan // Wilfred Morrision (Police Officer) Time Played Santos RP: 2 Days and 4 hours. + (Using the time from my Cop Application as its late as of the moment, will update). Time Played Santos RP Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/JoAkKrM Have you had any warns (if so state them)? Negative Have you had any bans (if so state them)? Negative. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (if so state them)? I was temporarily a Trial Moderator on the Clone Wars server, as well as spending a lot of time developing and Administrating DarkRP servers many years ago (Republic Gaming - Head Developer / Community Co-Founder - Some time around 2014-2016) being my most notable DarkRP reference. I was also a Moderator on a Star Wars RP server known as DiverseRP before I moved over to the Imperial Gaming Community (Around 2015-2016). What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? I believe the purpose of the Moderators on the SantosRP is to assist members of the Community in many ways. These being things like enforcing the rules, ensuring no member if breaking and rules, and that they understand all the rules put in place, additionally helping out members by taking part in sits, whether that being managing conflict, assist a player with bugs and issues or generally helping them get that start on the server as a new Community Member. I also believe it is a role of Moderators to represent the community and its members well, acting maturely, setting a good example by Role Playing well and being a genuinely respectable person. Someone Mass RDM's and disconnects from the server. What do you do? Give said person a minimum 3 day ban (Additionally warned for DC to avoid punishment. / RDM). Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? Depending on the severity of the bullying of the situation, it would most likely start as a sit (Warning the members of punishment for bullying), determing the reason for conflict and preferable take time to sort out and issues between the two users. If any bullying continues it would then result in the member receiving continued warns. You see a high ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? I would do my best to provide and evidence of the staff member abusing their powers and taking it up with the managers of the server. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. What do you do? I would ban the user for the longest period allowed by my user group, gather evidence of the threat and continue to notify an admin+ allowing them to determine whether the member should be permanently banned or not. (Although, this might not always happen, it would severely depend on the member, as a long time, well respected member might not think too hard about the severity of DDOS and make a joke DDOS threat. Terms and Conditions Yes (Just wanted to make a side note, I understand that I am not all that active during weekdays, and would understand if this changed the result of my application, I do come on every day though, and try my best to be present while I can. During the times I am on the server, I have noticed it could help to have additional moderators, and members to represent the SantosRP staff team.)
  13. -1 from me too. What Roasrio said sums it up pretty nicely. Just watching you on the server though makes it really present. You seem to not care about the rules, and almost seem to try to exploit them, like running around slapping explosives on peoples car for no reason and killing them. I think that a staff member acting like this would represent the Imperial Gaming Community badly.
  14. *nods head in agreement*
  15. Actually a good bloke, made being on the server, and being around Military Regiments fun. A good inbetween of RP and Banter. You will be missed.
  16. Ahhh Basil never placed any hits on you *Nods respectfully* I think we can work something out Just letting you guys know I never left, you probably just don't see me around a lot :') Look ahh, when we are around IHC and killing 996th we don't usually want trouble with IHC, sorry for holding the bridge hostage yesterday :')
  17. I think this is a good idea, but maybe not best to be around the Star Destroyer, I can't imagine you'd see much propaganda / art on an Imperial Star Destroyer, although, I think the posters would be an excellent addition to maps like Naboo in where we get involved with Citizens etc.
  18. Hey all, so for those of you who don't know I am currently Boba Fett in character. I have been for I'd say almost a month now, but you never know. Basically just wanted to get out there I would love to be involved in RP with anyone and everyone! Though yes.. I do accept hits and seem to get my self into trouble a lot. Just an apology at the same time, you won't see me on much but late at nights during the week because I have new found responsibilities with work, though I try my best to be active and spend most of my weekends on the server. I appreciate all of those who try to get involved in RP with me, so thank you. Hope to see you all around more and work with you
  19. Soo uh.. How about we just make a list of contraband. Wowee, here is a list that is definitely not for the most part copy pasted. Cameras Cologne/Body Spray Tobacco Products Food Items (All) Cosmetics (All) Newspaper Clippings Music (All) Wrist or Ankle Braces (unless issued by Imperial Medical Personnel) Hair Dye Alcohol (drinking) Martial Arts Items Perfume/Body Spray Knives Items Valued over 50 Credits. Bathing Sponges Hair Clippers Communications Devices (Only while supervised by Approved Personell; no personal storage/possession) Straight Edge Razors Flavored Lip Balm Civilian Clothing Electric Razors (unless prescribed by Imperial Medical Personnel) Civilian Glasses Curling Irons Playing Cards Health Supplements Radios Flavored Cough Drops Nude Photos Hair Dryer Scissors Jewelry (exception is wedding ring/band) Medication (unless issued by Imperial Medical Personnel) Civilian reading materia Glitter >:) All items considered contraband, must not be kept on persons or in storage / bunks. Use of any items / consumables must be in approved areas or authorised by High Command Personnel.
  20. I love tabletop sim and I'm totally keen, used to play a lot with friends from previous Garry's Mod servers. There is literally so much to choose from when playing it as well considering the community makes all these tabletop games from real life into mods for the game.
  21. Yeah I never said we were gonna drink with kids lol
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