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  1. Howdy ladies and gents, Life is getting a bit hectic with uni and full-time work, so I probably won't be hopping on the server as much anymore. Thank you all for making my time on the server an extremely enjoyable one. Special thanks to @Wind @Auzii @SoliD @Ruiner @Ghost4448 @TomCos @Billybob1061 and all the other fellows I had the pleasure of meeting. Laters xxx
  2. I think what Splonter is trying to say that Ben (and your) association with minge.team involuntarily links you to events like these. It doesn't matter if you were involved with it or not, you are still apart of the group committing these toxic events. I highly doubt Ben didn't know about this, moreover, he continues to be associated with minge.team (evident by the video you posted of someone else hacking??? Even though you are still pictured sending the hack and trying to bribe Sterling??? I think that is what the video shows, correct me if I'm wrong). You are an old member of the community an
  3. Max

    Boris' TMOD App

    +1 Boris has demonstrated a commendable drive to change his perception by actively talking to people on Teamspeak. After speaking with him, I know now he is fit to be a moderator. I hope he will continue this attitude. Along with this, the application is one of the best, and most unique I've read. EDIT (13/4/2019) Your recent behaviours have been quite disappointing to be honest. You have to keep a level head when being a staff member, and if you are going to have a go at people in OOC, that doesn't show to me that you have the maturity to be a trial mod. Neutral for now.
  4. -1 Application is lacking a SIGNIFICANT amount of detail. Have a look at the accepted section of the EM applications on what the standard is.
  5. +1 Events are really planned out, and your application isn't too bad - some more detail would be nice. Nevertheless, I've seen you grow into a mature, active and positive member of the community.
  6. This is a tough one. On one hand, I know you are a great roleplayer, through your experiences and personal interactions I've had with you. However, the lack of detail in your application is seriously holding you down. Activity shouldn't be a problem, as you are a CO on this server. Neutral.
  7. Its a -1 for me buddy, Make yourself more well known and grow better from your warns. As for the events, they need a significant amount of detail added.
  8. Neutral Your motives are in the right place mate, but you just need to add a little more detail to the events and some of the answers. Some of the answers are quite generic as well. The events aren't too bad, but make sure you work out the kinks, have reasons to why things are happening and also try not to force RP. For example, the first event, how do the prisoners get onto the ISD? Does the transport ship have a cloaking device? And how do the prisoners take ONE shock hostage when they usually travel in squads etc etc. Good luck
  9. IGN - [Ψ] Max Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/thederperfest/
  10. Max

    Vaccine System

    Hey fellas, I saw a suggestion in this thread about nerfing the disease system somewhat. I believe it already has been nerfed a little bit (correct me if I'm wrong). However, I feel as though you should have the ability to 'turn off' the disease system, whether its for convenience or roleplay purposes. So, I came up with a little vaccine system. Say you were to contact medics at med-bay and offer an amount of credits (e.g 1000) for a vaccine to a specific disease (e.g Whitey's Wrath). This would give an incentive for new diseases to be developed, whilst eradicating others entirely fr
  11. Big +1 An abundance of experience, active within the community, every interaction I've had with Sully has been positive (mostly losing to him in hold em) Good luck
  12. +1 Although the bans are concerning, his dedication to his regiment and his maturity could be an asset to the staff team.
  13. +1 - Maturity beyond his years - Active - Great guy all around Good luck From Ken Sama
  14. I think it’s a really good idea to be honest. You are right, he was the Emperor’s right hand man, and oversaw the massive expansion of the Imperial military. Mainly running administrative duties on Imperial controlled systems. He could most likely be played as a Regional Government (his administrative purposes), Imperial High Command (because Grand Vizier sounds like a vedy big boi) or maybe even another Royal Representative. I reckon put a post in the ideas/backstories bit of the forums.
  15. Neutral Reasons stated previously Opinion subject to change Best of luck mate
  16. Max


    Catchya on the flipside 442nd private Bazza
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