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  1. +1 -Active -Mature -Would make a great addition to the staff team
  2. I see the probing I did is working to its full effect. /me transmits data to Captain Iden Versio
  3. +1 - Crazy pac examples and knowledge - Active - Won't abuse
  4. Gotta keep everyone on there toes.
  5. Hey people, got inspired by @Kristofer so I thought I might make one of these on some events I'll be running. I have always written little stories to help guide some of my events so I hope you enjoy this one. I will run this on the Imperial server in next week or so. Base-02C Stay tuned.
  6. Crash Team Racing for the PlayStation 1
  7. Hey Solar, I'm going to reserve judgement for the time being, but I want to give you a few point to work on: - Grammar and spelling (This is essential for an EM, because it does involve some paperwork in the early stages, not to mention comms and orders messages. Just re-read what you have wrote.) - Event Ideas (The ideas are okay, however they are significantly lacking detail in areas. Try and give a step by step run down of what is going to happen in the event, rather than just an overview and outcomes.) You have good intentions Solar and I'm sure you would be successful as an
  8. I was cloaked and got into the sith temple with that btw... So probs a lil more
  9. Deep in the lore there is this big boi bounty hunter called Durge... He lives forever and can't die. (unless he is thrown into a sun) I would like to be that man.
  10. Big +1 - Great CO - Mature - Active
  11. Quite a large +1 - Examples are great - Dedicated to the server - Won't abuse
  12. Bump Thanks for all the support. Appreciate it.
  13. Big +1 Reasons stated above
  14. Current job : Woolies checkout chad Future job: Paramedic (studying the bachelor degree atm)
  15. @Sully Thanks for the response Sully. I did in fact make this events for this application and they differ from my previous application. The google link might be the same because I used a template I made for formulating events so thats probably why it shows up to be the same on both applications. It is also shown by the conquest idea being absent from my first application, and that being one of the first ideas. I can try and roll back google documents to see if i can find the old events, and I will pm them to you if you desire. Cecil also mentions a ‘sith cult’ event, which was one o
  16. @Happy @Rivers @Pickle @Delta @Vanilla @Cure @Sterling Appreciate the support cuties
  17. @Matrix @TomCos @Wombatiacus Thanks for the support fellas. @Cure As for the ban, long story short, management has dealt with it, and allowed me to play. If it's any consolation, I recieved EM 3 months after the ban was issued, and after a long hiatus off the server. If you want more information, feel free to private message me. Thank you for your comment though.
  18. Steam Name: donga dunderson Age: 17 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139067085 In Game Name and Rank: ID10 DIO (Max) Time Played : 2 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans : I have one ban on an alternate account for Mass VDM. It was quite a selfish thing to do, however I believe I have grown from this situation, making me a better member of the community. Have you been event master on any other servers : I have only been apart of Imperial Gaming as an Event Master from December to February, and for a short time on the C
  19. +1 - Skilled use of pac - Good examples - Mature
  20. Great question, I agree. However, it really depends on what the standards are of the regiment/commander, and what the commander wants out the regiment. Of course the commander of regiment doesn't want a battalion of troopers that are trash at Climb Swep, but at the same time, Climb Swep can be taught to someone less knowledgeable. I always wondered why we don't teach basic Climb Swep in recruit training, even though it is used in basically every regimental tryouts. The people running the tryouts also need to take that into consideration.
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