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  1. Righto mayn. Making a public report because your wittle feelings got hurt by a random guy on the internet, just to cause drama. iLl PluS oNe ThAt!!!!!! If there's members of management using bias against users, that's when you make the public report. Not for some stupid sh*t like this.
  2. Probably doesn't matter anymore about opinions anymore, but surely members of both parties are mature enough to sort this conflict out, rather than making a public staff report on it. Kris is in the wrong, and he should of apologised after you confronted him. As soon as that happen, should of just gone to a member of management. But no, you'd rather make a pointless report that is just stirring the pot and creating unnecessary drama within the community. Keyword : COMMUNITY. This goes for Kris and the members of Chimaera involved. Don't bring playground sh*t involved with the communi
  3. Oh my lordddd... This one hits home. Had these feelings all before I stopped playing actively. Reminiscing on my first days and first regiment. Learning all the faces, formations, training, running tryouts: quite magical. I felt sparks of "my first days" when Clone Wars started, but that faded quite quickly. There is really no definitive way to feel like this again, unless you were to take a very large break or join a completely different server with a new play style.
  4. Well...the ending ruined it for me It's probably nothing, like a vision but I mean...looks cool. The light saber looks really dumb. What does everyone think?
  5. I have never liked the term 'mass shooting', especially when it comes to these recent ones. Most of these shootings - especially the one recently in Texas - I would class as terrorism. And the saddest aspect of this all, if this was done by any sort of foreigner or immigrant; action would have been taken immediately. However, it is unlikely anything will change. The money made is too great. It's a 28 billion dollar business. Moreover, the media will never cover the enormous nature of this problem in America. Total gun homicides were 14,116 in 2016, and they are increasing. Nonfata
  6. Taser accuracy is uh...lacking sometimes.
  7. Max

    hypo's ban appeal

    +1 for being able to play on the server again. -1 for being able to apply for a developer position within the community. Along with this, a 3 month probation period should be sufficient
  8. Best bar in Brissy. Best of luck Thirty, hope you have a good life buddy.
  9. Main reason I don't play anymore is because I found out people were abusing bugs and ruined the economy. It doesn't help when people are overloaded and when cops try to pull them over, they just gat them down, ruining the RP. I know that's the nature of a DarkRP/SantosRP server sometimes but just doesn't click with me. Cops need a buff somehow, or the people who abused the bugs need to be toned down or start new characters. Just my reason though.
  10. Damn, the old VF boys are getting thinner and thinner. Good luck with everything man. Buddy Holly is the best weezer song.
  11. This ^^^^ Good luck with everything in your future mate.
  12. I hope the trooper AI isn't final...looks way too easy to be fun.
  13. anything at all to this thread and I will pick 5 winners at 7:00pm aest.
  14. All I'm saying is, Ponga is a gun. He will carry us.
  15. The 900-1100 gold for boots you could spend on a support item, or a damage item which Yuumi needs to stay relevant. There is no use for Yuumi to wear boots as well, due to her W. However, if you are in Bronze/Silver, even Gold elo, where your teammates are unreliable, having boots could save you in a few scenarios. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter because Yuumi is trash.
  16. Kinda doxxed yourself but looks really good man, keep up the good work. you should join the media team.
  17. Here are some points: A SIGNIFICANT amount of detail is needed in some of the questions in your application. You need to reconstitute your image in the community. I always see you as that engineer who minges. If I see change, my stance may change. Although you have the minimum required play time, it is always good to have a little more to show your dedication to the server. I'm a big believer of giving people a chance, however 7 warns from late last year, and the fact you have never succeed past Trial Event Master shows me that you don't have the dedication and maturit
  18. Just a few points I'd like to add: A bit more explanation is needed in the questions area. I'd like to see another event, rather than just a copy of one from another server (but it isn't a big deal to be honest) Your events are really good, well thought out and structured. If you could put when these warns happened, that would be great. This shows to me if you have grown in maturity, which is a big component of being an EM. Cheers.
  19. Now that's a sad react... Kensama will always be there for you Tom.
  20. Max

    My Ban Appeal

    -1 You have to cop this one on the chin for a bit before applying again, it's way too soon to be appealing. This whole appeal who echoes to me that you are putting the blame onto Snoozy for you being banned, and doesn't feature any sort of apology to Frank. Not once do you mention what YOU did. You never mentioned the comments made about Frank on a thread, which was a key component in your ban. This isn't Snoozy's ban appeal, it's yours. Have some ownership to the comments you made. What's even more disappointing is that you are still in the group, as of the creation of this
  21. So many things freak me out about this. Rickle's voice hitting a record 600 decibels, and the lack of icons for your applications on your desktop. This video surely has to be contained at all costs.
  22. Odium.pro hey, I see you are a man of culture.
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