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  1. Pretty disgusting treatment of a long time member of IG just wanting to give back... +1
  2. Not kettleball bruh, don't make me start tearin' up
  3. I better not see that idiot again man. +1, legend.
  4. my suggestion is for all recruit to have funny stealth go in sith temple shooty shooty pew pew and kill emperor ahaha
  5. Max

    Nerf Dio

    When I was Dio, I went insane on events. It was kind of unfair. Don't really know if his load out has changed from when I was him, but his TL-50 should be removed. I specifically remember RP hours was going down a bit, and I cloaked into the Sith Temple. Ended up killing the one of the royal guards and the purge troopers in there with the TL-50. Not good aye.
  6. I didnt know it was like that between you two @SoliD @Auzii 😳😳😳
  7. damn, might have to come back for a few rounds against the rookies 😳😳😳
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