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  1. Broooo as a fellow DM I'm hella down.
  2. Anyone else sweating the shit out of this?
  3. Minecraft Name: Calb0i (That's a zero).
  4. I got plenty more where this came from.
  5. Does this mean that people from the IG Imperial server who have the donator rank aren’t donator?
  6. You’ve been on for the past 5/6 days straight which clearly shows that you are trying your best and genuinely want this position. Keep up the good work Braino!
  7. Jenkins is probably one of the most active people I see on the server (not quite at a Rickle level though) and is very mature but still has a fun side.
  8. Your first event idea does seem kinda cool, but I think it would be rather hard to pull off. Still a -1 leaning towards NEUTRAL
  9. From the time I was in 501st, you seemed very mature and responsible, but like most people are saying, put a bit more info in. Good luck!
  10. Also you might want to change your rank to Cadet.
  11. We’re better at climb swep though.
  12. Cal


    My guess is if your applying for staff you’ll specify which server you’ve been warned on. Cause you may have received a warn on Imperial but be applying for Clone Wars. Therefore the warn won’t affect you as much (my guess). Obviously having warns in general isn’t the best but not much you can do if you already have some.
  13. Cal


    What is this weeb shit? I like it...
  14. Cal

    RP Room Idea

    I thought you guys liked being dirty not clean?
  15. Yeah you made it sound like RG aren’t climb swep heavy and that we fly around.
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