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  1. MC name - FictitiousShadow
  2. Happy Birthday Corvo! My most prominent memory of you was back in the ST days, I was sitting in a building on naboo. I had been kidnapped by citizens, my comms stripped and I had been given a baby to eat. (Doll.. I think...) Into hour 2 of waiting for someone to come to the rescue I see a little st coloured voice notification on the screen and hear you shout "and WHAT'S GOING ON HERE". One of the many times I laughed on microphone being a general bad roleplayer. Here's to hoping you get another good year on the server
  3. Hey I am probably a random person to be commenting but I want to make you aware that some people may have trouble role-playing with you until you have shown the respect and maturity you have described. That wouldn't be disrespect if someone felt uncomfortable or cautious. In saying that, if you need a heal im still gonna do that.
  4. Ana


    Please know I am only making this post in Jest and if whoever it is who voices Jenny wants me to remove it I will do so
  5. Ana


  6. Ana


    probably someone wanting to up their game number
  7. Ana


    Ah, I don't want them going to waste, I'm sure I'll have a few more next month
  8. Ana


    I do nice thing accept nice thing and then thus be nice!
  9. Bloody hell Jeb you sound better than the actual song
  10. Hey getting rid of some old humble bundle keys: can't remember what this one is https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=c3fwKC4ahnkMbFDm Walking dead 500 days EN3FD-Q6Y5F-N8G9H Zombie Army Trilogy I3V8B-RPX4H-4FTXH Seven the days long gone K4HCI-TQPZV-VFKVI Puurfect date dating simulator IHCQK-H2EQ3-2PFZY Neurovoider IXEXW-TEMCB-5GKCC Megaman Legacy Edition M8M4H-QGYF5-TR9X0 Immortal Redneck K6JMX-IJJTZ-YAW03 Wizard of Legend LW854-M6ZTW-93GDE Sundered KA5TY-JWWJ4-4MN7M Project Cars 2 L74TB-L6ZDP-PMVKB >observer_ K0W4N-CGRN0-Q
  11. I haven't been back long but yet I am leaving again. I have had a rough last couple of weeks and that accompanied by a computer that doesn't really handle gmod, I have decided to disappear again until another day. This is not goodbye forever, please keep your comments kind as I'm having some real mental troubles atm and would love some nice words. See you next time
  12. Thank you for being so nice to me and good luck on all your future endeavours
  13. Good afternoon fellow IG members, it is I, Ana. For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself, I joined the server last September and quickly became way to active. Time passed and I realised I actually really like Australians and made the decision I wanted to move there, thus, my activity plummeted. I sold my computer in March and all but disappeared from the community as I made my way across the ocean both to start my new life and start a proper irl relationship with someone. (Here's looking at you @Ghost4448 update your profile pic already lol) Now that I am s
  14. Just confirming this now, So it isn't just teamspeak... its both Imperial RP and Clone wars RP and Teamspeak? I'm only assuming but so far everyone I've spoken too who has a problem have been in the Victoria area. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it
  15. I'm still having the same problem... very strange
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