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  1. If this is able to be done it would be amazing especially with all of the crashes that we now have with almost all map changes crashing the server, only problem i could see being keeping peoples roles across the 2 servers. Not sure how many servers IG has with the pack they buy as it must have atleast 2 but if there is another this could be realy useful,
  2. +1 -Outback has been playing on IG for over a year and a half now an i am sure over all this time he has gained extremely detail knowledge about the community. -Outback is also extremely mature and never minges. -He has also been a CO for over a year now and over this time has developed great skills in persuasion and on compromise.
  3. Steam Name: [IG] -_Wind_- SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:93456623 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/James61204/ In Game Name: Wind Time Played Imperial RP: 6w 1d 11h 51m 31s Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? Over my almost year of playing on Imperial Gaming i am yet to receive or even get close to getting a warn. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No, nor have i even come close! Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? My only staffing experience was as a Mod on Imperial for around 3 months before having to resign to deal with IRL stuff. I am yet to have any experience as an EM and would love this to be my first! Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying to be an event master as after almost a year of playing [With a 4 month break] on the server I have always been able to participate in events which I am able to see bring happiness to many people in the community and I want to be a part of the crew of people bringing joy to this great server. I have always thought of events which I believe would be fun and instead of imagining them I would like to put them into effect for once. I also believe I could be a big part of the team who can help people have fun. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? -If I were granted the chance to prove myself as an EM I would be able to bring an experienced, active and knowledgeable member to the team. -I have been apart of IG for almost 1 year [with a 4 month break chucked in] and in all that time i have seen many good and not so good events go by. With this i have been able to see the events that bring people enjoyment and keep them on the server and i have seen the events that make people leave and sigh when they see the big red text come up on their screen. From this I have learnt when a good time is for an event and what not to do if u want people to stay on, one of these being not doing off-ship events straight after a normal event ends or doing passive events after a 2 hour period of boredom, to name a few simple ones. For this i believe i could bring more enjoyable better timed events to stimulate the players. -As i am still in high school i am able to devote around 4-6 hours a night to the server. This means i am pretty much always available to fill a dull night with a nice action packed event to stop people from leaving. This also means i can just fill in those awkward gaps in the event times to help fill a night in. -Though never being a EM before i believe that through my long experience on this server i have collected a great number of ideas and methods which it could take a normal TEM months to learn meanwhile i have already bared witness to these little tricks and perfections which just make events that little bit better making people enjoy the community. I have also seen most likely hundreds of events which has enabled me to have a wide sample of ideas and methods to work off to make great enjoyable and well timed events. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? I believe a big part of what makes events fun is when they flow and are not forced. I would try to make this happen as much as possible in my events and would also debrief generals on the events for the less technical ones and allow them to do what their RP job is instead of forcing certain scenarios onto them and try keep events original and enjoyable. I would also do my best to bring every person into an event by for example having a passive side and an aggressive side going on with an event allowing a larger portion of players to be involved hopefully creating more enjoyment. For the people who are the actual EC's I would do my best to allow them to have fun as well by enabling them to make more choices instead of using them as puppets which pushes them away from asking to by EC's which can ruin events when understaffed. I would not allow this to get out of control though and would make sure that the event still flows in an orderly fashion and not have people appearing around the Ship/map in turn ruining the event. I believe doing this would make more people want to become a part of an event bringing enjoyment to even more people, Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? Thanks for your time to read my application! Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfSixNGyOh4bFNtLUs5zo5xDzCMrT-dRoCsKsttSr5A/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wu5L8Wx9MkfWW7eWTp0bP5nf1adW2LKiczGogqkcFik/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
  4. He couldn't even climb swep till sergeant took u an hour and a half to learn, i remember the moment 7 VF members saw u finally do it. Miss ya Mike
  5. Wind


    o7 It was real man You were a great trooper and a great 2IC I wouldnt of lasted as long as CO if I didnt have u by my side helping me all the way. you and i made VF a great regiment and i would say top 3 and for a while the most active regiment [10 on a night for 2 weeks XD] o7
  6. +1 [Leaning towards a neutral] - I do understand that the application is a little bit lacking, but i feel that we all know that from his experience on the server he would have some better ideas than the basic ones stated and some of them could end up being rely fun and being the things that keep people playing. -I feel kassius can be trusted as well as he has A. been a general and B. He bough 442nd back from the dead after a long time of the regiment being dead. -Clone wars RP is currently in need of more EM's and I feel that there are people much worse than kassius and he would still provide enjoyable events.
  7. HUGE +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -From what i have seen from dylsta so far in VF i can assure anyone reading this that he would not deface the community in any way. -Reading through this application blew me away, you can easily tell that he has put a lot of thought into this and has a plan set out which looks really great and i think it can and would bring new members to the community. -So far no-one has applied for a legit streaming spot and i believe dylsta is a great person to begin with and would be a great example for future streamers and would only do good for the server. -with dylsta being a new member of the community it means that in his streams he would be able to learn new things about the server and star wars and roleplay alongside his viewers that would make is seam more connected which i believe would be better for all sides of the stream and server as if more people enjoy the stream we may get more people giving the server a go. -Dylsa is [from what i have seen] able to be very active which would give him alot of time to witness good events and other activities on the server improving the potential quality of the stream. For all of the reasons stated above and more i believe that Dylsta would make a great IG streamer and i am personally exited to hopefully see him, myself and others on his stream to be enjoyed by others. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yikes Dylsta only just realised it now but yeah... you need to have a minimum on 1 week played to apply for streamer, i wish i could say what i said before but rules are rules, sorry man
  8. +1 -Mandor is a very old member of the community and with this he would have seen many good events and many bad, with this information he could look at how they went well and how they went wrong and could make better events knowing this information -From Mandor being my commander and under my command i can assure anyone reading this that he is very responsible and would never abuse his powers in a negative way -Mandor is a very mature and focused person and would never loose control of the events he would run and would always make sure to keep them within RP and without going to overboard -Mandor's Event idea's seam simple but effective and would bring joy to all those whom participate -Mandor's application is missing details that would make it go that extra step
  9. Wind

    PAC3 - Joshv/Blitz

    +1 -Pac ideas are simple but effective and just gives that little bit of detail that would make your pac's look that much better -Now that you have made it into the imperial officers academy i think you could use these skills to make yourself look a lot better and unique
  10. +1 -As tom's CO i can assure everyone that tom is a very mature trooper and would not abuse his powers as a T-Mod -Tom is extremely active and is on around 4-6 hours per day which would mean his position as a mod wouldn't be waisted -From what i can see in his application tom has put in the effort to actually put in some detail and has shown that T-Mod would mean a lot to him
  11. +1 -JD is a very active member of the community whom would do great with pac3 -As his CO i can asure anyone reading this that he would never abuse his privileges -He is a very old member of the community, and I think with this he would have seen many pac3's and would have a lot of ideas that wouldnt abuse his skills in anyway -Though they may be very basic pacs he has shown all of the skills that i believe could develop into some amazing pac3's
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