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  1. RIP GMOD https://store.steampowered.com/app/1127460/Unreal_Sandbox/ Only gonna be 5 bucks
  2. Its bloody tinky, the application is great and strait to the point THICK +1
  3. Looking through this application everything looks great, You have plenty of detail, great ideas and just a ton of stuff i would love to be apart off, I don't know you that well but from the like 30-40 mins if talked to you for i found you realy respectable and mature, for all these reasons ill be leaving a +1 Best of luck Angus!!!
  4. Perfectly said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Would love to join, already helped with map and can help edit it in any further way you need. MC: Xx_Wind_xX Would love to start up the Netherlands and or Great Britain
  6. +1 Your application seems well written and thought out, plus the community so far loves you, i see no reason that you would not be a great potential event master.
  7. Looking through the application, though it is quite short, and would do well to include some more detail and better formatting for your event ideas, all of the info is there. It shows an advanced view on the EM team covering all of the areas we try to cover, if you are able to withhold these standards and idea's, i believe you could be a great member of the team! After re thinking my response ima end up leaving you with a Neutral It is great to see you taking feedback from the community and being open to change and making you application better, because of this i will be bumping my
  8. Bruhhh true that, fat throw back. Good to see you back man
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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