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  1. Lmao it's 2018 and people still clicking phishing links. Glad you got it back but wow
  2. I like it, the Emperor also had a Umbaran in his little circle, it was rumored that they had a love affair in the Republic era lmao. Would love to see a Mas Amedda though.
  3. Rest easy and rest well, Stevo. In the comparably short time I knew you, I gained an admiration for the adversity you overcame on the server. You have my eternal thanks for creating Widow Squad, the only regiment that I feel could revitalise my passion for SWRP. I'm blissfully unaware of how IHC operates and the specifics of the work you did in and out of it, but I'm sure there will be dark times ahead as a result of your departure. Hope whatever it is you pursue next proves fruitful. Acab
  4. The model for the turret definitley needs work, but I always liked the concept of controllable turrets. Just don't let any minges get a hold of one. Thing looks like it hurts.
  5. Seen you around a bit, all good interactions. Still new myself but I hope you have fun in the community!
  6. Thanks, Scheff. I've been working on more that I'll probably rotate through my signature. xx
  7. Hello, nice to meet you all, I'm {W} 1312 - 'Acab' in-game. IRL name is [REDACTED] and I'm a sweet innocent boy. Still pretty new to the server but hustling hard, so keep an eye out for me. Into that big RP so catch me being THICC serious a large majority of the time. I'm a pretty good Climb SWEP user and on-the-spot RPer, if I do say so myself - not that anyone asked - so if you want some tips, I'd humbly offer them. On top of that I have about 1800+ hrs in SWRP across both Clone Wars and Imperial gamemodes, so I know what's up. In my spare time on GMod, I make cinematic screenshots (
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