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  1. AWWWWW Tonnnnnnn I'll miss you soooo much <3
  2. OMG RAD COP XD NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just so you know I don’t llay on that server and even though you at a bit weird is still like you Shepard although who are you on that server xd
  4. OMG that means a lot thank you and thanks guys yeah I’ll drop by everyone once and a while
  5. So, I'm sure a lot of you will be happy to know I wlll be leaving IG. I'm just going to say that and not go into why but I'd like to thank @Basil (bazzy boy) for always being nice and weird. I'd like to thank Iris, who I sadly cant tag because I dont think he has an account? @Brass for always being kidn and amazing (I'm sure you an get though the thing mate :D). @Helsing For just being really kind and always niceeeeeeeeeeee. @Carnifex awww You're just brilliant forever will remember you! @Anthony For always cleaning the corridors. @Ana For just being an absolute amazing human being! @Wind Wind
  6. I mean it's not a bad game, It's probably because you haven't gave it a chance
  7. I'm sorry but everything about that is beautiful. I mean, you have Anthony as Janitor CO, you have a potted cactus, Deltra as your sister - amazing name-. Just formidable the whole 5'11 thing xd. Although you do have a few spelling errors and grammar mistakes but I mean who doesn't I'm terrible for it but that' dyslexia for you. Very well thought out and well structured piece, I love it <3
  8. Yeah, I am not great with spreadsheets but totally good idea @Eclipse
  9. Ashy

    Forum Tags | REDESIGN

    Yeah, sorry Kahn as Anthony says, literally all your other work is beautiful and amazing but these ones just don't look correct yknow? (just what Anthony said)
  10. mmm Yeh, it is a part of what they are there for, Or go to the support team?
  11. OOFT that's a lot. Good on you Bailey for having a long attention span.
  12. Ashy


    I think both dark and light look good, although the text of the dark one is easier for me to see so I'd say the dark one
  13. R.I.P Delta, although amazing story Bailey
  14. Ashy

    Ashton Intro

    @Ashton Better watch out when being a janitor @Anthony with critique you on everything
  15. Ashy

    Bye bye

    Bye Mr Doctor Gregis sir
  16. Goodbye Robinson, hope too see you around some time
  17. Emperor Palpatine: "OOOOOOOOOOOOO yes let's go make me a cooking show, we can call it "Ready, steady dew it" Emperor Palpatine: "Honestly Van Helsing I thought you would have been minced by that"
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