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  1. Thank you for being an awesome part of the community and always being a joy to talk to. You have been a good friend to me since I started my journey on the server and when I joined the mod team you were a great help if I ever needed advice I knew I could always count on you and your judgement. I have learnt so much from you and it saddens me to see you go but I know it for the best get your head on straight, get good grades and I look forward to speaking with you in the future. Good bye for now my friend.
  2. all i can say is- it feels good a to be a Pro!
  3. Stubzy


    The Original Ban was only 3 days and originally that was all that was warranted, however once you were banned you broke another rule by trying to bypass your ban on your first account by playing on another so that warrents further punishment. I do want to point out that 10 minutes before your original ban I gave you a verbal warning that if you persisted to misbehave it would result in a 3 day ban. With that being said I think a permanent ban is a bit much, I agree with reducing the ban but i dont believe 2 weeks is enough.
  4. Stubzy

    Basil's Ban Appeal

    I'm going to +1 this but I somewhat agree with @Bailey I don't want to see you join the Server and than want to leave so you try to get banned again, you were and still can be a great member of the community I trust you can be better this time. I consider you a good friend and want to see you around the server again but you need to remember this is a game and you shouldn't stress over it our community is great and so supportive to everyone and you deserve another chance to be part of this great game and community we all love.
  5. I'm really going to miss your friendly attitude around the server and community in general i remember starting on the server having to learn together being in nova together just our time on the server in general, also cant forget about our time on Santos either. huge Salute to you brother good luck with your future endeavours O7. hope to speak to you in ts in the future also.
  6. Stubzy


    Sad to see you go buddy but our events we held together will be forever O7
  7. I'am sorry @Delta maybe one week we can all have 200+ claims
  8. =( Matrix doesnt have Pac just yet
  9. i think it would be cool for it to be a rotation maps Tuesday or Thursdays like DS-01 Tuesdays and Naboo Thursdays still.
  10. You will be missed good luck mate hopefully you will return.
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