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  1. Uber, thanks for writing this. I've missed seeing your face around. Much love brother
  2. Hello Imperial Gamers. This one feels a little weird to write. Having joined Imperial Gaming almost 4 years ago and being a member of management for 3 years, it's been an incredibly fun journey to participate in but as my life gets busier and busier, I'm no longer able to perform my role to the standard that I would like to hold myself to, as evidenced by the past 2-3 months. I have complete trust in @Guskywalker's ability to transform this community, as he already has in his short time in server manager. Initially, this community was a distraction for my year 12 exams and eventually
  3. Dude...


    No password? :$

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      Nope :)


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      Such a mean guy

  4. Hi All, This post may be a little late but only because I was making sure only the highest quality changelog is produced. There's a lot! Development Changelogs Added naval entities (hyperspace console & Pilot License database console) Added Non Stun Massif Swep (Needs to be added to Job Code) - Fixed Twist's spelling mistake in PL Console - Added Name and Rank display on PL console - Replaced ven_riddick_dlt23v with Smart Launcher for Sky Heavies - Added Unique Clearance to Dynamic Loadouts - Tasers are now blockable by lightsabers (they now act like bullets) - Added mute and scale
  5. Hi Gamers, There are a few listed times for this weekend and next regarding the next community meeting. Please vote for the one that suits you. This community meeting will be held through discord instead of in-game to prevent any of the lag issues that have occurred previously. Myself, Gusky, Siege and Kristofer will be present along with other senior members of staff. We will be addressing questions from this form first so I encourage you to do it through that initially but questions will be allowed on the day. https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1oTeBH1-Gwsw9JuFODieBDLKALSoXY
  6. Just to finalise this thread - brackets are fine to have in your name. However, a name cannot just be a series of numbers and must have a clear identifying feature.
  7. Hi Gamers - it's been a while. I would like to get into the monthly habit of posting a development/management changelog of the changes that have occurred over the past month. I feel like it's important for transparency and so that I can get more direct feedback from the wider community whilst allowing myself to explain and/or discuss any key issues that occurred during the month! Firstly, let me address something that has been getting some criticism levelled towards it - the military donation regiments. The issue we've always had with donation regiments is that there were 3 regiments
  8. Meeting will be held at 8 AEST on Friday (tomorrow).
  9. Hello Gamers, I'll keep it short and sweet. We've had a lot of changes over the past two months in both reworks and management changes. To help address some questions that members of the community may have, we will be holding another consultation similar to the previous two. Kristofer, Gusky and myself will be in attendance. The meeting dates are 12th and 14th of March respectively i.e. this week. Looking forward to hearing your questions Much Love, Cecil
  10. Hey All. I'll start by sharing our perspective on it and how we were viewing the situation. When we initially brought in the Army Restructure, one of the strengths that was immediately clear was how flexible it could be with new regiments being brought in and out as the months progress. Gusky and I were keen to see this strength realised which when Rachel stepped down from Sky, we thought it would be a good opportunity to explore possibilities. When we were discussing this decision 2-3 days ago, Sky had Lister as a potential CO as well as 5 players including him that had been on the
  11. Just to clarify, crispin has been allowed to make this appeal
  12. This is so iconic @Dirthi @Vadrian
  13. Much love Dirthi
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