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  1. Cecil

    Jol PAC3 Application

    Denied. User has become inactive within community.
  2. As Cure has indicated, the requirement is 3 days. There is a soft requirement of 1 week but the application does meet the requirements as some people have incorrectly stated above. -Cecil
  3. Cecil


    Hey Burton. Thanks for making the ban appeal first of all. Unfortunately your ban appeal is denied and the management team recommends you use the remaining 5 days on your ban to reflect about how you wish to act upon returning to the community. Myself and the management team are frequently in teamspeak if you wish to talk about anything further and are happy to talk about anything further. Regards Cecil
  4. Still arguing that the "Login" button doesn't work despite how many times I click it Tank
  5. That rhyming scheme was a stretch there young man @Bailey
  6. Denied At user's request
  7. Denied Reapply in 2 months
  8. Application Closed. User's request.
  9. Denied. User has become inactive within the community.
  10. This has been quite a sad week. Shepard, you and WIngza were my first true friends in this community and I just want to thank you for that. You two both had a long history together but you welcomed me into that and I really appreciated that. Shadow troopers was a whirlwind couple of months but it felt like I was always comfortable with the people around me and that it was just 3 old friends chatting. So thank you Shepard. Really going to miss you man, make sure you hop in teamspeak from time to time, even if you are incredibly drunk. -Cecil
  11. Still waiting to be picked up by a Record Label. @GeorgeBloon This better be my breakthrough young man
  12. Cecil

    Atticus's Ban Appeal

    Simply put, you acted hostile towards your fellow Stormtroopers in an Out of Character situation, you lied to a member of staff about Storm Trooper command allowing you to put [PL] in your name and made a member of staff's job incredibly difficult, much more than it needed to be.
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