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  1. Accepted You'll be placed on a 3 month probation period. Should a warning occur within these 3 months the permanent ban will be reinstated Welcome back.
  2. For full transparency, Frosty also posted a video of the Christchurch Terror attacks a little over a year ago in a discord that was associated with IG (Bounty Hunter discord). Frosty has spoken to me about this recently and whether intentional or accidental, has been left out of the appeal. For this reason I'll be leaving the ban appeal up a little longer so people can acknowledge this fact and decide whether they wish to change their stance or not.
  3. Hey everybody, as always, I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to take some time to talk about two topics today. Firstly, a reflection after May the 4th and to address all the changes. It's been a while since I last made a formal forum post so I thought I'd just chat with you all a little bit. A Reflection In this past week since May the 4th, I've done a lot of thinking centred around the community. After taking a step back for a couple weeks, I realised how much this Community meant to me. I realised how much I loved that there are familiar faces everywhere and how easy it is to have a relaxed or serious conversation with these people. We're all here for our joint love of Star Wars but our community has evolved into so much more than that and that's something that we should all be proud of. The Moderatorion team gives up their time to continue to assist and resolve issues wherever possible, the event team work tirelessly to create and nurture RP and the Development team have developed and produced a whole array of changes which will be discussed later in the post. Thank you to the wonderful Staff team, your service to the Community does not go unnoticed. Recent Changes As mentioned before, recently there have been a lot of changes on the server. The server switched Dedi, the quest system was revamped, DT now falls under the Emperor and finally there is an entire economy present now. I'm aware that change is scary and that learning new systems and procedures isn't an easy task, but I'm going to ask the Community to continue to push themselves to adapt. We (Management) only make these changes because we strongly believe that these changes will result in a positive outcome for the Server and Community in the long-run. With this being said, ideas still need to be tweaked and I encourage all of you to bring forward any issues that you may have to Management and/or the Development team so that these ideas and tweaks can be implemented. No change is permanent. Also huge congratulations to @Auzii on reaching Community Graphic Designer. He is now in-charge of all things graphic. Yours sincerely, Cecil and the rest of Management.
  4. Cecil


    Application has been denied and closed.
  5. I think both parties can acknowledge that there were consistent missteps from each side throughout the scenario and nobody was perfect. With that in mind, the two things I would like to address is the decision to allow Bailey to have cloak and the placing of the keycard outside of the brig. The other issues raised aren't considered staff abuse or an abuse of power and fall within a grey area that occurs frequently during RP interactions Firstly, Bailey was given access to cloak based off the fact that he had spent a large amount of the day in and around Comp Force. Due to this, it was plausible that Bailey's character could have stolen / acquired an armour set that had stealth properties (Comp Force has cloak in their kit). Myself and the other members of Management don't like that line of RP and if the situation occurred again, I would expect Wingza not to give permission for Bailey to spawn in cloak and he knows this. Wingza made the wrong decision - but a member of management makes decisions all the time and it is impossible for them to get them all correct. Secondly, Wingza did not "RP" breaking the door down. He did not attempt to cut it open with his lightsaber, nor did he put the keycard down to break the door or attempt to force his way into the brig. Without a doubt, Wingza placed the keycard at the wrong time and he is aware of this but on every other map there is a keycard to open the brig and Wingza thought Whitey had missed one when setting up the map. This can be evidenced by zaspan's confusion. I'm happy with Wingza's decision to put a keycard for the brig but he shouldn't of done it when he did and was an error of judgement on his behalf which he apologies for. The keycard will be staying where it was placed moving forward as I believe the button isn't a suitable mechanism. In light of this situation, both Bailey and Wingza have been spoken to in regards to this event and they are aware of where they went wrong and how to improve for the future but no warnings or strikes have been handed down from Management. Wingza however will be stepping down from Grand Inquisitor so he can focus on his role as Staff Manager and to avoid potentially biased decisions. - Cecil and the rest of IG Management.
  6. Thank you for your contributions. Management will now discuss this thread and a response will be posted shortly.
  7. Hello Everyone. I ask that the comments on this staff report stay on topic and that we keep bickering and pettiness to a minimum so this process can be as effective as possible. Once you've had your say, please don't have a back and forth within the thread. -Cecil
  8. Watching Wolf fiddle around with the donation mechanism for over an hour was the highlight of my month so far
  9. Hello Imperial Gaming! Firstly, I hope everyone has had a good start to 2020 and that this year continues to bring all of you happiness and laughter. This is my first changelog, go easy on me please . Promotions Congratulations to @zaspan and being promoted to Server Manager on Imperial RP. It's a huge achievement and certainly one that is well deserved. In this role zaspan will be responsible for all decisions regarding how the server functions and is in-charge of day-to-day operations as well as providing oversight for the Moderator and Event Master team. Secondly, @Wingza will be joining the Management Team as Staff Manager. As the newest member of management, he will be subject to an immense amount of bullying but we really look forward to seeing what he can bring and contribute to our community. In this role, Wingza is in charge of looking after the moderator team. Should any issue arise with a moderator or admin, Wingza is the man to go to. Map Changes As @Ragetank already spoke about, on Tuesday we will be heading to Rhen Var instead of the DS-01 for a large proportion of the time. This decision was made off of community feedback regarding the Death Star map. We are currently investigating and discussing further roleplay opportunities but your feedback is still very much welcomed. The Imperial Star Destroyer that we are currently as our base map using has received an update which we will be transitioning to shortly, we just need alter a few of the Perma Props. For those who haven't seen it, the update can be viewed here Thank you @LordTrilobite. Community Identity and Graphics With the recent shutdown of our SantosRP server (Thank you for all joining us on that journey) the Management Team thought changing the feel and identity of our community to better reflect what we actually value was necessary. A revised community logo is near completion and will be released shortly which I'm very excited about. Big thank you to @Auzii and @Vanilla. The loading screens for each map have also been updated. (ISD, Naboo and Rhen Var). Lastly, the recent NLR revision will be receiving a small amendment to allow roleplay to continue to flow in a healthy and natural way. Once this has finished the drafting process, it will be further detailed in a separate post. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. -Cecil and the Management Team.
  10. I'd like to cite my 5th amendment right. Germany will disclose no information about their current goal.
  11. Hello Imperial Gaming, In recent times we have had some problems in regards to the "New Life Rule" within roleplay on our Imperial Server and our Santos Server. The old ruling was that "When you die, you lose all knowledge of the roleplay, but if you are told about it again, you may return to the situation or roleplay scenario." However, the NEW ruling is that "When you die, you can no longer re-enter the roleplay scenario you were involved in." This is so that RP scenarios don't extend past places they should and so roleplay is more fair for all those involved. This does NOT affect Events, people can return to Event RP as much as they need to complete the RP. Some examples of this are - Bounty Hunters killing all members of Shock aboard the ship after a hit, the members of Shock aren't able to return to the scenario until its over. - Bounty Hunters raid the Brig and take people hostage, anyone killed may not return to the scenario. - If you die, you can not be used as a hostage in the same scenario. - If you die and the scenario makes its way to where you are aboard the ship, crouch or alt+e to stay out of their way. Thanks to @Bailey for helping write this post up! If any queries regarding specific scenarios you might have, forward it to Management and/or @Bailey
  12. I can indeed testify that Blackwake is a superior game.
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