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  1. +1 Actually cried during one of his stories when Basil didn't make the cut for the DT program. That's the sign of a good writer.
  2. Completely agree with Rickle here, +1 from me
  3. Cecil


    Quite recently actually "Unfortunately the medics revived Grand General Moose" in the middle of debrief Instant PK for my General
  4. Cecil

    Luigi's Introduction

    I'm glad you found IG as your first RP server. Although you've been around for a while, here's my official welcome! Hopefully there are many more months of enjoyment within our community for you
  5. Cecil

    Cecil's Introduction

    Much love <3 You just warmed my heart for the rest of the evening That is one hell of a dog photo you got there Bailey. I did bring back Keitho for a day but I shall have to work on bringing him back more permanently. Thank you for the kind words also
  6. Cecil

    Cecil's Introduction

    Hello everyone. I realised I never have done one of these and for those who do not know me well, here is my introduction. To start off with the IRL things, I’m 18, living it up in the very isolated state of WA and I’ve just completed my high school education. My real name is Adam but as that name is already taken, I decided upon Cecil as I felt like it mirrored my personality; slightly timid but oddly comforting. It’s pronounced Ses-cil for those who are wondering as I hear a wide variety of pronunciations which never cease to entertain me. Imperial Gaming is the first GMod server I’ve ever played on and I joined about 4 months ago, beginning under the fine tutelage of Pavonis. Pavonis really taught me to enjoy every moment of the server, even if it was borderline FailRP. From there I transitioned into ISB at the young EXP rank of just 18. I spent my time in ISB avoiding avoiding any and all of the higher-ups, in particular Gusky, with the only person I considered a friend being Goliath. I swiftly left ISB as I decided I wasn’t a sadistic person at heart; I didn’t enjoy the thought of PK’ing people. I then transitioned to 996th and enjoyed it immensely, particularly Hammer Bryce and Wolf. Now I’m currently the second in command in Shadow alongside Wingza. I’ve grown to love the Star Wars universe over the past 4 months playing and so I decided to apply for and join the EM team. Coincidentally, I now work along my long lost friend in Goliath in the EM team. In my brief time as an EM, I’ve had an absolute blast and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at now. So thank you to the community and the EM team for that, in particular Bailey and Basil. There it is, my coveted introduction, if you see me around in game, feel free to say hi or poke me in TeamSpeak! I’m always up for a chat I'd just like the point out that Gusky is not a scary man ~Cecil
  7. Cecil

    League of Imperial Gaming

    I'm down to start a clash team
  8. Cecil

    Ban Appeal

    -1 I would like to hear Ridge's account of the events as well but the ban also stated it was for minging and FailRP, both of which you were doing. Whilst I understand the concern, the ban is only one week and I think you should wait it out, reflect on your actions and be ready to properly RP when the ban is over.
  9. Cecil

    Vevo Xenis EM App

    Also, go over the previously accepted applications to get an idea as to how detailed the events should be. This can also help by demonstrating how to structure an event plan Good luck
  10. Cecil

    The Wintoh Family

    Rep farmer confirmed
  11. +1 Has plenty of prior experience Warn is easily forgivable Detailed application Extremely active and respected figure in the community I think Shepard would make a great addition to the staff team
  12. Cecil

    My Transfer from Navy to Shock

    Good to see you dusting off the pen and paper Bailey I shall thoroughly enjoy this
  13. Cecil

    Kangaroo's ban appeal

    @Dexoys In future, keep in mind that only staff can comment on ban appeals And +1 for a ban removal, would have liked to see a little bit more detail in the application but since the ban was so long ago it's understandable
  14. Cecil

    Dungeons & Dragons (Final)

    I have something on this Saturday, I elect @Anthony to take my place if he wishes and the big boss Basil allows it