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  1. Hello Imperial Gaming. In light of us visiting one of our rotation maps yesterday (Naboo) a couple ideas and thoughts were brought to light throughout the day that @zaspan and I thought we'd look into further. The question is, would you like to see the current Death Star map used as one of our rotation maps? There are two main reasons why we decided to stop using the current map being; 1. The map creator said he was working on a better version after feedback from different communities, 2. And the main reason being the playerbase always drastically decreased while we were on said map. The two reasons being it felt like you were almost playing a hallway simulator and you seemed to rarely encounter anyone. The second one being events heavily relied of passive RP elements as obviously the Death Star cannot be attacked by rebel forces due to lore. So we thought we'd ask the community what their thoughts were on the proposed change as that's why we primarily moved back the the Star Destroyer. Feel free to leave a comment as well as your vote below. - Cecil and zaspan.
  2. I think the question was what's the mingiest you've ever been @Basil, not the best event you've ever been apart of.
  3. Hey thanks for your ideas Frosty! Your first suggestion has been approved and has been implemented on the server and your second idea is being looked into. -Cecil
  4. Could you please clarify whether you do hold this position currently?
  5. Hey Aqua! Thanks for your suggestion. Zaspan and myself are currently looking into the viability of the new license and will discuss the idea with the necessary parties before reaching our final conclusion. -Cecil
  6. Hello All. As the title suggests, the lore role of Galen Erso will be re-introduced to the Imperial Server shortly, if you believe you are suited to the role, apply through the form link below! Requirements You must have reached the rank of CL3 in the past. Are an active member within the community Good luck to all who apply! Applications will close 6/7/19 at 5:00 AEST. Link ~ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdE-3EAgJC2-8sGw5gkE1SxK4I_WVJes_6LbyZ9-EKfTTL3bg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  7. Denied, member has become inactive within the community.
  8. Denied at user's request.
  9. Denied. User does not meet application requirements. You may reapply in 2 weeks.
  10. Cecil

    Boris' TMOD App

    Denied at user's request.
  11. Application Denied. Based off community feedback, this application is denied. You may reapply in two weeks.
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