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  1. Cecil

    Christmas Help!

    Sign me up coach
  2. Cecil

    R/Askig Christmas special!

    I can give you a hug if you want Delta
  3. +1. Thirty is a great human being
  4. Cecil

    It was a long time ago sorry.

    +1 for ban removal. The ban was almost a year ago Hypnos takes ownership of his actions Is apologetic
  5. Cecil

    Ragnar's Tier 1 PAC3 Application

    Along with this, Ragnar is an amazing human being. +1
  6. Cecil

    Noxu's Event Master APP

    -1 due to the reasons stated by Bailey. Keep updating the events/application and I'll happily change my opinion!
  7. Cecil

    DreamZzz/Khronos|Shiva EM app

    This however leaning towards a +1
  8. Cecil

    Mars EM Application

    Borderline +1 The events demonstrate a variety of ideas but the stages need to be more detailed. Without closer detail events tend to fall apart quite fast. All the interactions with you have been positive and you've always been friendly and helpful to me during the events I've run. Good luck Mars.
  9. Cecil

    Pendragons Event Master Application

    Neutral Reasons stated above
  10. Cecil

    Mike's New and Improved EM Application;

    +1 While the old first 2 events aren't amazing, the 1st new event shows promise. The layout is clear and the plot is reasonable creativity. @LuckyMikey You need to allow for access to the second event You've also always been pleasant during my events.
  11. Cecil

    Welshy Managed To Point & Shoot...

    @Bailey I can't believe you peer pressured someone into doing something
  12. Cecil

    Just a Heads Up.

    Good to hear Frost!
  13. Cecil

    Honor's EM Application

    Use the snippet tool. Search it up and it should come up. If not, download it. For a mac it's Command+Shift+4
  14. Cecil

    Hermes Ban Appeal

    @Luigi Thanks for your contribution to this thread but in future, only staff are permitted to comment on ban appeals
  15. Cecil

    Hermes Ban Appeal

    +1 for a ban removal. Perhaps a probation period of 2 weeks would be beneficial as I'm not fully convinced by the story. Regardless, it's evident you were an active member within the community and it'll be good to have you back