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  1. Hey All. I'll start by sharing our perspective on it and how we were viewing the situation. When we initially brought in the Army Restructure, one of the strengths that was immediately clear was how flexible it could be with new regiments being brought in and out as the months progress. Gusky and I were keen to see this strength realised which when Rachel stepped down from Sky, we thought it would be a good opportunity to explore possibilities. When we were discussing this decision 2-3 days ago, Sky had Lister as a potential CO as well as 5 players including him that had been on the
  2. Just to clarify, crispin has been allowed to make this appeal
  3. This is so iconic @Dirthi @Vadrian
  4. Much love Dirthi
  5. @Kumo @Stryker @HenDoge
  6. Hello Community! Today I have the amazing opportunity to announce and validate our donations from Imperial Gaming to Headspace and The Smith Family. In total, we raised $1005. This was just above my secret goal of $1000 when I originally put up the post making me an incredibly proud. Thank you to any of you who purchased the rainbow bullets, donation roles or contributed to the goal in any way. Special mention to @JDark47 for being the top donator throughout the period! The Smith Family donation page was a little scuffed so I couldn't show anymore than the photo below.
  7. Hello gamers. To start off with, if you do not have your Christmas tree up by now, I am greatly disappointed in you. Guarding IHC can wait. On a more serious note, recently our community has been doing well and that's something we should all take pride in. I can confidently say we are heading in a positive direction. Management and myself have discussed the idea of donating to a few charities at the end of this month. We all came to the conclusion that this is something we definitely wanted to do. Every dollar past the 250 mark of this month will be donated onwards to two separate cha
  8. Cecil

    hypo ban appeal

    Application has been denied You've had ample opportunities to demonstrate your change in attitude. Given your recent behaviour in the community discord, your ban is being upgraded to a community ban. Kind Regards, Cecil
  9. I'm currently studying a double major in Human Resources and Management with Human Resources being my favourite of the two. Ideally I'd like to take my career down one of two pathways being either in the gaming industry or for the commercial side of a sports team (AFL). I think being in charge of staffing practices for a large gaming company would be amazing and I'm definitely not good enough at coding to enter the industry from that aspect. I've also heard really good things in regards to working for a sports team as they create a really good family culture even for the employees that aren
  10. Hey All, The suggestions so far have been largely productive, so lets keep it that way and prevent it from becoming a bickering mess. Management have kept a close eye on all the responses featured here and as I mentioned, there have been some really good ideas that we can take a close look at and have already been discussing amongst us. Cecil
  11. Hey Gamers, As the title suggests, there will be three main topics which I hope to cover in this update post being a Management restructure, the ideas that Management will be striving to achieve in the next two months and the new time for a community meeting. Attached above is the reworked staff structure and the changes are listed below. 1. The structure of Management has been flattened; the role of Server Manager is now in-line with the other roles being Server Manager and Staff Manager. These roles now hold equal value and weight when compared to each other. Anoth
  12. Short answer, yes. I was planning to throw up a small dev log of recent changes and the focus for the next month or two this week and the community meeting who be announced then. I was planning on doing another a while ago but Management were finding it hard to pick a date that worked for most of us as our various life commitments were peaking. The post should be up by Thursday and a date should be picked. Cecil
  13. Hey All, A continued value and theme that has been prevalent throughout the 3 (almost 4) years our community has existed has been our stance on bullying. To put it simply, bullying has no place in our community in any shape or form. One of the magical things about this community is the wide range of players we have. Young and old, Star Wars Newbie and Star Wars Fanatic, all are welcomed and valued and everyone is able to find a culture within a regiment that suits them. A couple of incidents have reared their ugly head recently and have been brought forth to management and been
  14. Cecil


    Let's remember to keep this civil please, you are more than welcome to discuss the points brought up in the report but please keep name-calling to a minimum. Mongo had a concern and decided to bring it forward to the wider community and he shouldn't be critised for that. Cecil
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