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  1. I dont think you have the mental capacity to do that job.
  2. Wingza

    Hey lol

    Hey LOL Welcome to Imperial gaming fellow IHCA member
  3. Hello Imperial Gamers I don't really know how to write these and what not, however I am going to be stepping down from Management and moving to advisor but for a few months I will be very MIA as I have had a lot of changes happening in my life I am going to start doing FIFO. Which is a big deal for me and due to this I will be dedicating my time to that more so and am unable to dedicate that to the server. I really enjoyed my time here around 3 years on Imperial Gaming, Just over 2 years ago I was accepted into staff Via Mr Jman1308 and about just over a year after that I climbed up through th
  4. Denied Alted again on another account. You are now community banned
  5. Thank you for bringing this to our attention however you have one major flaw in your plan, that was that your IP and the IP for Leaky (the person we suspected you where) are the same. Thank you for lying about alting again. This appeal has been denied and so has your other appeal.
  6. Wingza

    BenV6 Ban Appeal

    Denied Like has been said multiple times you are banned from appealing your ban for 6 more months from today. If you attempt to do an appeal before this time without contacting management you will be community banned with no chance of appeal.
  7. Wingza


    Closed Management are using the evidence provided in this post to make a decision on what is to happen to Pickle. Thank you for all the responses.
  8. However even though this report has been closed. I will be speaking to both parties and getting to the bottom of this situation and punishing those accountable for what they have done.
  9. Denied Your actions and behaviour in the past have shown your true character to us and the community, because of this your appeal has been denied.
  10. Accepted You have almost finished your ban time therefore I don't see a reason to not cut it a little shorter, you have positive feedback from the staff, however you will be put on a 3 month probation period if you get warned in these 3 months you will be banned again.
  11. Wingza

    Slab Ban Appeal

    Accepted Due to the amount of positive support you have been given I am inclined to believe you could be a valued member of the community, due to this your appeal has been accepted but with a 3 month probation period if you are warned in these 3 months your ban will be reinstated and your chances of appealing will be slim.
  12. Wingza

    Mrmoo's Ban Appeal

    Denied Due to lack of information on your appeal you will not be unbanned, Look at accepted appeals and try again in 4 weeks.
  13. Wingza

    Ban Appeal Balrog

    Accepted Since the ban is so old, I believe you have had enough time to learn your lesson and change your attitude so your appeal will be accepted but on a 3 month probation if warned in these 3 months you will be perma banned again.
  14. Accepted Your actions where not thought out fully when doing them and mistakes come with consequences, you will be unbanned since I believe you have learnt your lesson. However you will be put on a 6 month probation therefore if you are warned within these 6 months you will be perma banned again.
  15. Denied There where multiple witnesses to support Zaspans ban, you either aren't telling the truth or you are trying to hide something else. Own up to your mistakes more and apologise properly. Reapply in 1 month.
  16. Accepted Due to the lack of logs to support either claim, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and unban you, however your warn will stay so staff can keep an eye on you just in case you aren't telling the whole truth. Next time when you have other players abusing you put in an admin ticket.
  17. Denied Lying on your ban appeal is not acceptable, so your appeal has been denied. For any further inquires you can contact me on the forums or Teamspeak.
  18. Wingza

    #unban shadow

    Denied Use the correct format if you wish to make an actual attempt at getting unbanned.
  19. Wingza

    Jah's unban

    Denied Your ban appeal has been denied, I checked through logs to see if you actually crashed or dropped connection from the server, when looking through I found that you did indeed leave the server out of your own free will due to you lying on your ban appeal your ban has been increased to 2 weeks. For any inquiries about this contact myself on Teamspeak.
  20. Resolved Your account is not banned on our community, If you do have any problems joining the server please join the teamspeak and go into the support lounge.
  21. Denied Your ban was warranted, I suggest you take the rest of the time you are banned for to think about how you are going to act on the server.
  22. Wingza

    Jye's ban appeal

    Denied Your ban however will be reduced to 3 days, Impersonating staff is a serious offence and punishment has to be taken.
  23. Accepted Spoke to Wolf regarding this ban, due to amount of positive comments Wolf has agreed to allow for you to be unbanned however under the conditions that because you have made so many negative actions in the past on purpose you will be on the probation for 6 months instead of the occasional 3 we give to unbans. in these 6 months if you receive a warning you will be placed back onto the ban list and unable to apply again for another year.
  24. Accepted You will be put on a 6 month Probation period, if you are warned in these 6 months you will be perma banned again
  25. Accepted After talking to the admin that banned you, you will be unbanned but you will be put on a 6 month probation period, if you are warned in the next 6 months you will be banned again Permanently.
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