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  1. Wingza


    +1 on a reduce on the ban, I believe if he simply just didn't do Re-education and was arrested 5 times in RP does not warrant a one week ban. seems harsh and a little over the top. " i was playing gmod because i was a destruction" I assume for this you mean you wanted a distraction from the passing of your pet and that is fair to come on to a server you enjoy playing on. but there could of been a lot of better things you could of done on the server then just running into engine room and getting yourself in trouble and getting Re-educated. after your ban is finished I think you should really ask around and ask other players for help on how to play on the server correctly and not just run around the ship getting yourself arrested for whatever reason that may be.
  2. Wingza

    Naval Turbolazers

    Also the turbo laser are cheeks like the likelyhood of you actually hitting a full speed fighter is highly unlikely and the field of view is like 5% of the whole ships hull. They're practically useless.
  3. Stubzy: What the f**k are you doing? Bailey: Aye yo don't worry about it.
  4. Wingza


    Hello, from my past experiences with you I have seen you minge heavily and had to because of the minging ban you for a day because you came onto the server was in the recruit room as a lvl 40 something from memory, where you weren't going to download the content and when I told you you won't be getting trained then you decided to dis me and another staff member (who I don't recall). also on top of that you have 3 other bans for a multitude of reasons the latest being less then a month ago, and all the bans seem to say the same thing which is that you are a "minge". You may have changed as of late I have not seen you get into any trouble or do any of this minging, you seem to be making an effort to try and clear your reputation but from my past experiences with you I will be -1 this application. Best of luck and I hope that I am wrong and you have changed but from what I have seen in the past it doesn't vote well for you. -1
  5. -1 not allowed to leave sorry buddy.
  6. Toxic, typical league player
  7. Huge +1 Your events when you where EM where exciting and fun and enjoyable for both EC and users a like. Mature and very friendly to everyone he meets. Good Luck.
  8. See yah later nerd.
  9. Hi Back, i'm Wingza.
  10. Wingza

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    -1 I don't believe you are trusted enough to be given a third chance, you didn't just break the promise you just threw it aside and got warned a total of 4 times before it caught up with you. also your excuse from the ban reason was "I minge when I am bored". In total I don't think you should be unbanned.
  11. He's already started a cult in ISB and has burnt a Shore trooper on a cross
  12. Download your content dude
  13. Who are you again? Going to be a EM again?
  14. 1.There has been a bit of a communication error, It is said that sully took the claim but zaspan simply gave his input on the situation which is fair because you are allowed to defend yourself and state what you believe is true which is what zaspan did. I assume it might of appeared that sully was being over shadowed by zaspan when the sit was happening but in the end the situation go solved. 2. Shadow Guard are well within there rights to shoot someone after they have given three warnings. You are not allowed to order SG around like any sith regiment cannot order you around. 3. When dealing with a sit it is not appropriate to leave the sit and run away saying "This is stupid" I agree it shouldn't be an official warn but a verbal one for sure. Now i'm not sure if there was a communication problem where he thought you called him stupid but if zaspan saw you flustered it would be very likely that you where dissing him. That's all I got to say.
  15. +1 with my brief talking to you to talk about getting your forums account unbanned to make a ban appeal you where very respectful.
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