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  1. this is legit just a mix of engineers duties and shocks. removing RP from regs is not what the server needs RN
  2. Even though I knew WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ARC very good, very nice and me me like ayyy just realised i can change me banner cause they back, hell yeah
  3. I mean if you don't wanna get PK'd don't be a fucking idiot... simples
  4. I know I'm not very well know on this server but Razzle and myself have been friends for what feels like forever at this point and this man is an absolute god at PAC and has even taught me and other old friends how to use PAC and was always there to explain something when we were stuck although it is soon it is massively deserved. H U G E +1 Good luck chief.
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    ew, toxic boyos v2
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