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    Banner Designs

    Good job dude.
  2. Very noice to listen to, will give me something to think about as I daydream through school today
  3. I would never deliberately push someone away from a community simply for playing on another one at some point or another. That being said, I value loyalty to the server and sticking with it through thick and thin which is why I can understand some of the hostilities that may be directed at those who rejoin the community. In the end we welcome all those from other communities so long as they are here to play properly and not cause problems for others. Best of luck to you in the future, will be weird not seeing you around from time to time.
  4. Can we do an order 66 server event already?
  5. -1 deliberately aimed to hurt the community and shouldn't be allowed back yet. Too early to place faith in you again
  6. Informative post that's actually quite helpful but not entirely sure that it's in the right area on the forums. Regardless, will be good to link people to this when they ask about deleting dupes.
  7. Happy birthday dude, hope you have a great day.
  8. Rivers

    Wingza the Sk8er Boi

    Speediest of bois
  9. Don’t celebrate too early! We still have a long way to go but it’s looking good.
  10. This was actually amazing man, really enjoyable video and I’d love to see much more with this style!
  11. Alright everyone, unfortunately no one was worthy of becoming a Sovereign Protector this time around, what a shame. Maybe next time? (Excuse the potato FPS, laptop life.) 2019-01-04 20-39-53.mp4
  12. Drinking more is my resolution.
  13. I see no negatives for this, may as well add it. +1
  14. Watch your back ingame Sully #PKgang
  15. I highly agree with Kristofer, gambling outside of the Imperial arcade is illegal and therefore I can not engage in such devious activities as ISB personnel must set the standard around the ship. We are both law abiding members of the Empire and will not be participating in anything that may compromise the integrity of Imperial morals. (Please save me Director Krennic is eating away at my credit supply and I’m struggling to make ends meet, this is a cry for help.)
  16. Event masters essentially set up and oversee in-game incidents to give players new experiences and more things to do. They’ll usually call for players to stop whatever training / tryouts they’re doing and ask for volunteers to help by being an event character, then they’ll get everything set up and start it. There are two main types of events, passive and aggressive. Passive is more based on role play and interactions made with the event characters whereas aggressive is usually pure gunfights and action (not always though). Events come in two forms as well, either off-ship or on-ship.
  17. God damn I gonna miss you man, you were an excellent Chief Of Staff when in Government and I’m happy to call you one of my close friends. I really hope you’ll come back some day and I wish you well for the future. ❤️❤️❤️
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