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  1. Thoughts are with those affected in this,
  2. I like the idea for the CWRP. Had a mini heart attack cause thought it was for Imperial at first.
  3. Current Job: Subway Future Job: Originally to be an e-sports caster for CSGO but I slowly lost interest a few years ago, know most of the AU pros in both playing and casting which is nice. Currently I have no clue what to do for the future and feel like I’m going absolutely nowhere tbh. Pretty worried considering this is my last year of school.
  4. Rivers

    Goodbye Misahu

    @Misahu We had our ups and downs but you’ve been a good mate of mine ever since I first joined ISB. Really sad to see you go but glad I could be a part of the farewell process, hope you can come back soon buddy. <3
  5. I've never really found myself in that "nothing to do" area of being on the server. I occupy most of my spare time talking to people who I'd otherwise never have met on Imperial and getting to know some of the newer community members.
  6. I agree with @Helsing that one sentence is triggering me. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right. The CW server will get there eventually, there are a multitude of dedicated people who continue to put in the hard yards to make it work.
  7. "excalibur2" I feel like this is an angry bot account coming to give me a scam link xd 

    1. Excalibur


      Hello sir please provide credit card I give you free games no scam sir just need credit card number

    2. Rivers


      Oh yes I shall wire you $10,000,000 tomorrow 

  8. I will be reunited with recruit Rivers Cuomo one day.... He was a beautiful soul that I never got the opportunity to speak with.
  9. Seems like a pretty good map overall but it can get a bit empty when the server population dips. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself so much
  10. Well holy shit, you’ve been one of those faces I’d always seen since day one of my time in IG. Sad to see you go...
  11. Waiting until Zaspan comments before making an official judgement but from what I can gather he had every right to shoot you in that situation. I do question the warning that was given out but can't be certain until Zaspan's side of the story is presented. EDIT: -1. Zaspan seems to have followed proper procedure, make amends and move on.
  12. We all know that @Rickle doesn't actually want a mic, he just likes making excuses as to why he can't use one
  13. Although Climb SWEP isn't the most essential part of any tryouts I still believe it should be judged and tested as it is one of the most vastly used mechanics on the server. I think every candidate should at least be able to complete a straight, vertical wall course to show a basic understanding of how to use it. Occasionally I'll stop during the tryouts and give them some very quick feedback on what they're doing to see how quickly they can adapt their technique and pick up on new skills. Climb SWEP isn't the most crucial aspect of a tryout process at all but it's still useful and should
  14. See ya Splonter, thanks for all you’ve done around IG.
  15. @Sky That fictional place is IG my dude, hit me up if you need to talk <3
  16. Seems pointless, it’s a very minor RP addition.
  17. The dueling god returns
  18. Loving it so much already! Our new models are great.
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