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  1. I've got plenty that bring back the nostalgia
  2. Damn I miss CWRP. Apart from my first run in ISB it stands as my most memorable period on Imperial Gaming and I’m upset it didn’t continue on to this day. Working up to the Jedi Council was such a blast as well as being the Padawan for @Mongo
  3. Thanks for all the good moments mate and always being there to talk to regardless of the situation. You helped me out a lot during my time as staff and I could never repay you for that, hope life treats you well man ❤️
  4. @Ubermolen damn I miss that debrief area, used to get the whole server to attend now barely anyone shows up.
  5. Gonna miss you man, had good fun in the short time I was the Jedi General of MP and I always saw you around doing a great job. Good luck for the future my dude.
  6. I love em both, blackjack would be much appreciated as an addition though. It’s one of my favs
  7. Can't see I didn't see this coming, glhf o7.
  8. Named after the singer Rivers Cuomo from the band Weezer. The backstory of your name is baffling in all honesty
  9. Imagine if any of us tried that today, would be insta banned unfortunately
  10. THE CHAIR PRESENTATION. I was hoping to see this again somehow and here it is!! ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Good luck mate, come back soon.
  12. Imagine having a real life and other priorities LMAO XD1!1! I’d say the past 3 commanders (Myself, Splonter and Anxiousity) have all done an excellent job and I’d like to see you step into that role and do any better than us. ARC is a regiment that I and many others have found very difficult to run so before you run your mouth publicly I suggest putting yourself in the shoes of others.
  13. I’ll miss you Carnifex (You’ll always be Carniflex to me) thanks for all the good memories. I’ll always remember your run as Gallius Rax and everything you’ve done for the community. One of the fattest o7s I could possibly give to a community member.
  14. Of course you should come back man, you're the most notorious ISB invader in the history of IG
  15. Rivers

    Good Memories

    7th Gang was good fun, was sad having to leave you guys when I reached master
  16. Well, I guess this a goodbye to the community that I've been a part of for so long. Didn't think I'd have to post for this for a long while to come but recently with a Year 12 overload and real life suddenly hitting me. I just don't have the time to sit around playing Gmod like I used to. For almost a year now IG has been a big part of my life, I've been a CO, Moderator, General and experienced pretty much all that the Star Wars RP life has to offer. @Tonberry - My favourite Krennic and lad to chat to <3. Will miss seeing you around with your big white cape and mad guitar skills.
  17. o7 man, you were the best Vader I've seen so far. Gonna miss having you around
  18. Best believe we're gonna shut this sh*t down!
  19. Good luck to all those who apply, be sure you want the role as it's a lot of responsibility and requires time and dedication. Stick with it and you'll notice the benefits
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