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  1. Gonna miss you homie, from minging as a medical droid with the Director Kevin jokes to being a veteran SEM and long standing community member. Best of luck with everything o7
  2. Rivers

    Misahu Snaps

    This is what I go through on a daily basis dealing with people 😂
  3. Gonna miss our maintenance access punch ups and 1am conversations on the TS3. Good luck with Year 12 man and hopefully we’ll see you back one of these days ❤️
  4. Huge -1 from me. Some of your actions are just despicable. Was going to leave a neutral until I heard further reports of you doing other horrible things to players. Would rather you didn’t return to the community in all honesty.
  5. I’m going to leave a +1 on this application. You seem genuine despite unfortunately having some bad wording that has gotten your intentions confused. Best of luck.
  6. My main worry is that these ideas would upset the economy and people would start to gain access to the high tier weapons faster. The current balance seems good to me.
  7. Not gonna lie the officer uniform looks much better. The majority of Generals IRL aren’t kitted out in full armour and stuck to officers uniform. The fact that we even have General battle armour is kind of whack, officers uniform is much more fitting.
  8. Honestly for now I’m going to be leaving a -1. You were a trusted community member for such a long time that betrayed the trust of Imperial Gaming and the people within it. You have a tendency to come and go from the server and what worries me is whether or not your maturity will hold up if unbanned.
  9. Highlights of 2019 had to first off being General Fisto on the CW server. Although it had a relatively low population at times it’s still to this day the most fun I’ve ever had on a Star Wars server and I hope that one day it returns. Even as a Padawan / Knight with @Mongo and crew was such an amazing time. Not to mention all the good times I’ve had with some of my favourite ISB boys across the year (despite coming and going to the Bureau about 5 times). Sorry if I missed anyone from this but there’s been too many mates to even name. @Tonberry @Camaro @Kristofer @Ragnar @Sully ( @Dir
  10. I was a VF when you were in IC, what a throwback. Welcome again.
  11. I think roughly a year ago I was an ISB agent who had freshly received his tan shirt. I’d just submitted a report at the time that ended up with all of Shadow under @Wingza and @Shepard being demoted by one rank. Fun times indeed.
  12. Shhh, it was almost 3am and I was exhausted and slightly drunk 😂
  13. I literally go for two minutes to test the new skybox props and come back to a “date” full of screaming and mic spam. Definition of “smh my head” 😂
  14. I disappear for a week and there’s been a new EVO addition! Best of luck with everything and I’m keen to see you when I return.
  15. Although it’s been a year I’d like to get some more context behind your ban before deciding. Neutral
  16. +1 it was a long time ago and you deserve a second chance. The only thing that worries me is how close this is to the release of the new movie.
  17. -1 due to the fact that you lied in your ban appeal, I’ve heard from multiple sources that you hurled an array of insults at Zaspan after being killed and were beyond toxic. That attitude shows that you have no real intention to co-operate with staff and quick to lose your temper.
  18. I’d like to hear more about your initial ban before making judgement as you have only commented regarding your added ban for alting and not the original situation.
  19. Time to hit up my old e-sports boys and work something out
  20. Rivers

    Ban Appeal

    +1 I was there at the time of this ban and believe you have served your time.
  21. Rivers

    Uh Oh

    The editing timing on this was perfect 😂 I love it.
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