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  1. When called into a staff sit I was made aware that your name seemed very similar to that of an offensive term. You had previously been warned for having an inappropriate name by another staff member therefore adding to the concern that your current name may be offensive / distasteful. After taking you into the staff sit you were extremely uncooperative with both myself and @ANiX in even considering the fact that your history along with your current name may raise concern within users and staff alike. What Bailey has outlined here sums it up entirely. Your name is clearly provocative fo
  2. Would show up just to play a real life guessing game to work out who @Rickle actually is.
  3. Really happy that the community pulled through the tough times and has found itself in such an amazing place with the hard work of yourself, Whitey and the rest of management. Can’t wait to see where the future takes us and [REDACTED] seems extremely exciting.
  4. Rivers

    Unban Appeal

    +1 ban was a long time ago and I’m a strong believer in second chances. ( @Sully stop commenting on these!!! )
  5. Probably every single time I see him and he puts up the “OOC Zone” sign before yeeting me into a wall. Last night was also pretty funny when we got Wolf and Hammer to box event characters and one of them runs up screaming “FOR MANDALORE!” and gets instantly knocked out by Wolf’s OP fists.
  6. Remember ban appeals are only for staff members to comment on @Sully
  7. +1 I’ve missed your presence on the server and believe you deserve a second chance.
  8. So much content in the past month, awesome work as always!
  9. Welcome back Pavonis!
  10. Remember that only staff can comment on ban appeals @Sully @Pendragon but your comments make fair points. That being said -1 from me.
  11. ‘Twas a night to be remembered.
  12. Damn man, gonna miss you. You were an amazing Bureau Chief in the short time I got to spend with you and I wish you all the best for the future.
  13. o7 will miss you my dude.
  14. Awesome to see the community thriving still!
  15. Good to see you around the forums as always, it’s awesome that both you and Zote have transitioned over here along with me
  16. Howdy Noxu, I’ve seen you a fair bit in game.
  17. Welcome to the forums, good to see you’ve returned!
  18. Glad to see you wound up here at IG, welcome!
  19. Thanks for doing this! The Metal Gear franchise is my favourite of all time and I’m glad someone new will have the chance to experience this game in all it’s glory. I’ve played through the entire series (around 4 times) so I won’t be entering but good luck to all those that do.
  20. Hope year 12 goes well for you, good luck.
  21. Best of luck for the future Stevo, you were one of those blokes that was instantly recognisable on the server and it’ll be strange not having you around anymore. o7
  22. Good work man, looks really clean.
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