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  1. -1 as much effort put into this as my morning shite. Please look at other examples for a better idea of what to do.
  2. junior em go brrrrr on forums
  4. +1 - Loser - Inactive - Shit at fist fights - Is Smelly
  5. Rivers


    get your head chopped off with @Rickle on the DS again
  6. tell old mate stark I said ello, welcome back
  7. @Theta The primary problem with this is that the niche nature of a lot of those regiments is what made them so enjoyable, from their look, to their loadout, to their role on the server. Each regiment has had periods of being absolutely dead and also extremely populated (excluding 212th and Range perhaps) and that's to be expected, culling from the server however didn't really fix anything. We went from having some really unique regiments and some generic ones to now having all generic ones. I come on the server these days and have no inspiration or interest to join a regiment anymore beca
  8. Because IHC had a huge fucking brain at the time :)
  9. I didn't realise there was a concept more hate worthy and frustrating than ISB up until now. If this was ever implemented it would kill enjoyment on the server for literally everyone but those in it.
  10. Still can’t believe Shore got culled for quite possibly the most redundant and boring regiment on the server, EVO. That’s one thing I miss from the server, regiment diversity instead of big blobs of generic regiments. Sure, the old army structure had its flaws such as regiment imbalance but at least it was interesting y’know? But yeah bring back Shore, was CO of it twice and miss it dearly.
  11. The community will miss the king of in-game king hits aka Grand General Wolf. Will never forget all the times you made a sudden reappearance to roast the living shit out of ISB every few months. For real though, thanks for all you’ve done for the community as an owner. Haven’t popped on in a long while but may come to peep how things are thriving under @Cecil the cutie.
  12. +1 nah yeah yeah nah yeah
  13. A well deserved L for Hyperion there, never dog the boys for hatch.
  14. I’m just tired of petty arguments over things like pilot licenses or *insert generic document number 47* My activity has dipped greatly over the past 2 months as everyday I’d come on, mind my own business until some 15 year old tries to pick an argument over a minute detail that realistically doesn’t matter. I absolutely love the people in this community but the server has just lost its spark, maybe that’s just on my end, maybe it isn’t.
  15. -1 For over a year you've come across as a massive minge on the server. Would rather not have you be in a position of upholding rules in this community.
  16. oh god you got the video of me accidentally mass rdming all of MH1 when I flicked the dropship too far... edit: lowkey those sniffles sound like the minecraft drinking noise tho.
  17. Was not expecting this much to be coming in this dev log. Really great job guys, seems like the whole dynamic of the server is gonna shift with these updates and I'm really excited and optimistic for what's been mentioned.
  18. Really sad moment, quality wasn't good for the Lambda part so I've left that out but today is a truly sad day @Tinky
  19. Would like to see more of you around the community before making a judgement on your ability to be an event master. That being said you have a very good application. Neutral.
  20. Rivers

    I like ISC

    *fighting back the overwhelming urge to reg diss*
  21. Not gonna lie man, you still have a long way to go in terms of maturity. Just the other week I saw you getting into staff sits again and i just don’t think you’re currently fit to be a member of the staff team again for the reasons Luigi said. -1
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