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  1. -1 Although you were a good EM in the past and have experience, I have numerous problems with this application. 1. You seem to pick and choose when you are around in the community, going inactive for large periods of time and I seriously doubt your intention to stick around. 2. You haven't even bothered to make new event ideas as both of these were created almost a year ago, this is extremely lazy and shows a lack of real effort. Both of these documents are dated November 21st and 29th of 2018. 3. Honestly you come across as a little egotistical within your application answers.
  2. Bump Thanks for all the support and feedback so far.
  3. +1 Although the event ideas are a little short you get your point across and provide most of the relevant information needed to run an event. You were a great event master back when I first joined the server and I’d like to see how you’ve changed since then.
  4. This aint quite a dead thread yet so I thought I'd post one of my favourite artists who just released a new single coming off of her upcoming album. I first saw E^st perform in October of 2018 and have been listening to her ever since. We've had some contact over Instagram recently so just thought I'd post this here as her new song is super good.
  5. +1 from me. Although I’ve known you to get quite annoyed in the past you seem to be fairly mature and your event ideas are detailed. Unfortunately event idea 2 is asking for permission to access so if you could make that public that’d be great.
  6. Thanks for your opinion, I'll take it into consideration. I'm guessing this is in relation to your continued provocative behaviour, insults towards me and attempted RDM the other day in which you were unsatisfied with the outcome of the situation. Understand that the term "f**k off" is something that I generally say whether it be to mates, associates or people in general. This is not said in a manner which is intended to cause offence and I think what is crucial to this statement is interpreting the context in which it is said. I can assure you that I hold no personal distaste towards you Joyner and it's in my belief that I've never treated you on a basis that is any less equal to the way that I have treated others.
  7. Noni is one of the most respectful blokes I’ve met in Imperial Gaming and this sums it up perfectly. Fat +1 from me.
  8. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Rivers SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:50240853 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GoldeeGLHF In Game Details In Game Name: LT COL Rivers Cuomo Time Played Imperial RP: 11w 4d 22h Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? None. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? None. Core Application Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Yes, I have held multiple staffing positions internal and external of Imperial Gaming. - Dire Wolf Servers (Server Manger) Spanning 3 Months - Imperial Gaming (Moderator) Spanning 5 Months Working as Server Manager within DWS involved duties such as server content management, leadership of the staff team, reviewal of staff applications and overall oversight of the day-to-day server operations. Within Imperial Gaming, I served as a moderator from November of 2018 to roughly April of 2019, solving issues within the player base through staff sits and resolving conflict that arose as necessary. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? The purpose of moderators in the IG Community is to ensure that the server is a safe and welcoming environment therefore creating a platform for serious and creative roleplay to emerge. Moderators work to solve both IC and OOC issues that other players face such as RDM, Bullying, Racism and even smaller issues such as providing tools to players and helping them out when they become stuck etc. They must hold a deep knowledge of all server rules and regulations at all times to be able to quickly act when an infringement is made against community guidelines. This must be performed not only from staff claims submitted by users but also from personal initiative, resolving issues as they arise rather than ignoring them until noticed by the player base. Along with this, members of the staff team are also in a position where they must act as a positive role model for others in the community, displaying only the upmost professionalism as they can be reflected as a direct representation of Imperial Gaming as a whole. Because of this, moderators must be free from personal bias against other community members in order to remain approachable and open to all players, providing advice / assistance wherever necessary without coming across as intimidating. This includes guiding new players who may be unsure of how the server operates. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? Although a cliché statement, I wish to apply for the position of Trial Moderator in order to once again give back to the community like I previously did in a staff position towards the earlier half of this year / late last year. Working within the IG Staff Team was an extremely fulfilling experience which is something I'd love to come back to as I finish with Year 12 and commit myself to the community more than I physically could earlier this year. Coupled with this, I prefer to act off of my own initiative rather than sitting idly by whilst problems arise and joining the staff team would be the perfect way to do this. Assisting other players and helping them through a moderator position is something that I've truly missed over the past 5/6 months and I believe that it's something that I am now ready to return to as the immediate pressures of a work/school/rest balance has eased up. Obviously certain aspects of staffing will have changed since I left which is why I understand that coming back into the staffing team will require me to have an open mind and be willing to learn new methods of moderating to comply with current server policy. Although challenging, the joy of solving issues for others is a fulfillment that is almost impossible to replicate in any other environment which is why I'd like to make a return into the IG staff team. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? It is my personal belief, that the key to being a successful staff member is a mindset in which you were able to be critical of yourself and constantly question your own methods / punishments in order to find self improvement. This is an ideology which I held when first in the IG Staff Team and it is something that I believe I can bring to the staff team once again. Although I hold a relatively strong degree of confidence, it's always good to doubt your own methods in order to ensure that proper procedure is followed and the most effective outcome is reached in a staff sit. I also hold a certain degree of experience when it comes to the staffing procedure of Imperial Gaming, serving as a moderator for around 5 months and learning the use of ULX and how to manage certain situations with minimal conflict and maximum resolution. Although not essential, this experience is something that will greatly enhance my staffing ability as many of the tactics and actions that I learnt previously can easily transfer over into the current direction of Imperial Gaming. Scenarios Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? After realising that someone has committed Mass RDM, I would immediately use !plogs to inspect the damage that has been done by the individual and see who has been affected. Once doing so I would individually pull aside a few of the victims and gain context regarding the situation, attempting to understand why the perpetrator had killed so many people. Obviously, if there is more to the situation I would hold off instantly warning them but in this case I would both warn them for the rule infringement and hand them with a ban that is at minimum three days, with the addition of an extra day for each individual killed after the 4th person. If this reaches at least 14 people then a permanent ban will be issued. Due to these ban lengths being outside the power of a trial mod, I would forward all relevant information to a higher ranking staff member and leave them to initiate the ban. In the meantime a short-term ban would be handed out to prevent them from joining the server whilst the proper ban sentence is administered. Included in the ban would be the count of Mass RDM along with DC to avoid punishment. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? Bullying is something that is not tolerated under any circumstances within the Imperial Gaming community and carries serious punishment / corrective action if taking place on the server. Once again, context must be established surrounding the incident therefore each side of the situation would be talked to separately to gain a solid understanding of what has taken place. Screenshots and video recordings would be asked for, purely for evidence purposes to validate claims made by either side. Whilst interviewing each individual, their stories would be recorded to compare arguments and identify any comments that deviate from each other. If no clear solution could be determined, witnesses would be called upon from each side to once again try and validate claims made. Once the situation is fully understood, appropriate punishments would be handed out to those at fault. This could be a warn for player disrespect or even a permanent ban depending on the circumstances of the bullying that took place. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? The first point of action for such a situation would be to use an OBS replay buffer / recording to capture evidence of the fellow staff member abusing their powers. Once sufficient evidence has been gathered they would then be personally confronted about how they are failing to follow the moderator guidelines and misrepresenting the community's core values and rules. This should hopefully persuade them to cease what they've been doing however the situation must still be reported to management regardless of this outcome. All evidence would be handed over to either Cecil / Zaspan where it can then be investigated and dealt with at their discretion. Even if the staff member in question happened to stop abusing their powers, the incident would still have to be passed on to higher ranking staff members as it doesn't excuse their actions. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? Threatening to DDOS the server or another individual must immediately be reported to higher ranking members of staff to be punished as necessary. Once again evidence must be gathered to validate that this individual has made such threats therefore screenshots and video evidence will be gathered. During this period it must be ensured that the perpetrator is in no way provoked or intimidated otherwise it may cause them to act drastically and potentially carry out the threats they had made. Their STEAM ID would also be collected so that effective punishment can be administered and if really necessary, a temporary ban would be handed out until a higher ranking staff member can deliver the appropriate sentence. Terms & Conditions I agree.
  9. Neutral Application could use a little more detail although your answers aren’t necessarily wrong. Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t really seen you on the server too much in recent times either so in my opinion some more activity would be good. Although you’ve previously had a staff position since then and these issues are a long time ago, I’ve had a few times where I’ve had to call you out on a few rule infringements, although not major. Goodluck. Edit: changing to a +1, Pickle has shown solid improvement already and I believe he’s more than ready to come back to the staff team
  10. Eggos is super responsible and has been an excellent trooper from my time leading him so far. He has many desirable qualities for the staff team and has been around in the community long enough to know right from wrong. Unfortunately however I’ll be leaving neutral until the application has a little more detail, take a look at some previously accepted applications to see the standard needed. Best of luck man!
  11. Q1. Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Palaye Royale, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, E^st (damn she’s amazing) and Radiohead for sure. Q2. Weezer’s “The End Of The Game”, The album “NINE” by Blink 182 and the album “Life Ain’t Always Roses” by E^st. You know me too well @Sully
  12. Headass if you left I woulda beat yo ass. Never leave us brother ❤️
  13. Yo lowkey I’d be down to cast the games, maybe I could record it or something for the IG history books lmao. All jokes aside I’ve missed casting so it could be fun
  14. Inferno is in a better spot than it has ever been, do we remove the Emperor or Grand Moff because they've been in their role for too long? Hell no. The longest serving member in Inferno has currently been in the regiment for 232 days, not three years (See image below) This is quite frankly the most ridiculous forum post I've seen in my year + of being on the server and I see absolutely no reasonable logic behind it except for the fact that you may have the intention of going for a role in INF if this was to happen. NEVER has the server rotated roles for "being in the reigment for too long" and it is an absolute diservice to the dedication that my fellow INF members have shown over their time within the Bureau. What next, shall we rotate management members for being in there too long too?
  15. Tea and scones in the temple? Welcome back gamer
  16. +1 to the moon and back. I remember first meeting Ragnar almost a year ago in Royal Guard and since then he has show nothing but the upmost maturity, dedication and would make a perfect staff member. Been waiting for this to happen for too long.
  17. +1 purely for the fact that this will stop people from dying and instantly running out of spawn over and over again until the EC's are dead. Also adds to the importance of medics and placing value on your life within RP.
  18. I was about to say this, words cannot describe the beauty I see before my eyes.
  19. Rivers

    Droppin' In

    Welcome back gamer.
  20. Note: This is going to be an open discussion platform for those who wish to debate / share their opinion WITHOUT causing any harm or toxicity towards others on the server. Please respect this. For the past few months, I've started to notice the politics that usually stem from In-Character roleplay bleed through into OOC matters which constantly manifest and turn into something much more toxic than it should be in the first place. Personally, after watching this happen time and time again I've grown sick of petty arguments and drama over "he called me this" and "this person did this" and it's a real motivation killer for wanting to come on and play on Imperial Gaming daily. Rather than enjoying the small interactions that used to happen I've grown to loathe them as every tiny detail can quickly be manipulated and blown out of proportion, causing me a world of headaches when all I wanted to do was come online and chill with my mates. Maybe I was oblivious to it in the past but due to this I've felt like the overall enthusiasm to RP has dropped due to how hostile things can turn within a moments notice and be taken out of character. Just an observation, would be interested to see how others feel about this kind of thing.
  21. See ya in a few months xoxo
  22. Decided to join to see what all the fuss was about whilst managing a server. Had the sole intention of coming on and minging until I was banned but joined the 501st under Arcturusious and had Cyprus as my ACO and fell in love with the server.
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