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  1. Why no one has said 'Lord of the rings' astounds me Honourable mention is Christopher Nolan batman
  2. @Araxamas another very well thought out comment, I actually really like how you've taken this idea super cool to allow thieves to randomly steal items from players on the server. This would give players incentive to withdraw items from their bank and store it in their base for a more secure protection. Also I believe the banker job is under appreciated, myself over the past couple of days as the banker has made 700,000 at my westpac after paying staff. Yes it is kind of boring sitting there all the time, but you have staff working for you so you aren’t restricted to staying inside, plus its qu
  3. @Araxamas as much as I see where your points are coming from there is good reason behind these suggestions. The economy in game right now is booming with most consistent players including myself getting over 1mill with the only expense weapons/entities. We need something to show off for our time and hard work so it isnt time just wasted. something like an exclusive rare skin is something to show off. Perhaps you have a different suggestion that fills this gap? While I do see the arguments against wiremod (lag, removes rp) I don't see them as a negative compared to what it
  4. Idk if I've met you but sup
  5. Ubermolen


    Not sure why you doxxed a photo of yourself but sure hahah. Welcome
  6. +1 they are all good, but please Wiremod!!!!!
  7. Yeah I was thinking only weapon shipments and guns
  8. +1 Need a better range of weapons
  9. Your RP name: Zakary Wang Suggestion Summary/Title: Vault to store shipments Description: A vault that stores weapon shipments to carry over to the next play session. I understand this may disrupt economy but overall it has worked pretty well on other servers in my opinion. Especially for high tier weapons like rocket launchers. This would also allow for gun dealers to buy these shipments and not worry about selling them cheap when they are wanting to leave the server. This was on supremacy Networks and worked great. Works as a fixed vendor somewhere around the map, possi
  10. Honestly I’m not sure what to believe at this point. All I'm personally aware of is the ardat 2IC position which seems to be a minor mishap in the grand scale of things. Instead of questioning me on my decision you decided to attack ardat for “stealing it” from another member. That decision was purely mine alone to make and she had nothing to do with that. Considering also you pleaded me later on that you changed your mind about the situation to attempt to manipulate your blacklist from ISB to be removed. This is not something I would consider to be held lightly. This is all I have to say on t
  11. Bro I thought you where cool, literally shit talking people for interacting with the community. Thats attention seeking on a whole new level. Come on bro its fine to have a laugh at something you find amusing, but when your just clinging to the server yourself to get reactions out of people. Thats what i find truly pathetic. Edit: re-reading it it might be a sarcastic comment that went over my head..
  12. Cecil this time was destined to come at some point. I believe in the earlier years we where closer but you where always one of the nicest, genuine people I’ve met on SWRP. I will never forget going past reg gov just asking for you at the checkpoint to say Hi. It is sad to see you go. However this is surely not goodbye. o7 brother.
  13. Haha I was gonna do this before I decided to leave the server. I have a holographic newspaper pac. Was gonna post it to the forums and hand out the pac monthly.
  14. @Relish team so I can backstab you and steal your diamonds
  15. All the best Mr Mandor, gonna miss bringing you to compnor after every Mandalorian event
  16. This would be such a great idea. It would not only help EM's determine placings, but would be a good way for devs to ensure that regiments remain "somewhat" balanced
  17. Wingza, serving beside you guys in shadow is some of the fondest memories I have on the server. The server without you won’t be the same. Although we kind of went our seperate ways on the server it was always great just to have a chat. You will be missed my friend. Stay true to yourself o7
  18. o7 midway, good luck with life
  19. Gonna miss you dirthi, unfortunately I didn't interact with you a whole lot on the server, but whenever I did it was always a fun time. You made a big impact on the server buddy, o7 to another one of the greats.
  20. @Kristofer hats off to you bro, this is a truly epic trailer. Can’t wait to see the same quality of the events being put in by the event team!!
  21. So keen bro you don't even know!!
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