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  1. Ubermolen

    Reckonyn's Arrival

    sup my guy
  2. Ubermolen

    Some things I've made

    Looks sweet as my guy
  3. Ubermolen

    Awesome Event idea

    I have an idea for a new off ship event, i understand it may be impossible (or require a lot of effort) but it is just a thought it was worth sharing. So the event starts by NAVY finding a beacon or signal or something which has an SOS message. This SOS message gives us coordinates to a location that we have to jump to. In this location we will then line up in MH1 like all other off ship events and board an abandon Star Destroyer. [i understand this might be a bit of an effort to make this map appear abandoned, however i believe by adding props and making the light sources dark it would look pretty cool] In this event there are two options... A passive and aggressive version. Passive The passive event starts with us landing in MH1 where of course there are no lights and we will be debriefed here.The Blast doors will be locked and we will need to get Navy engineers to hack their way into the system and open the doors. Upon entry we have to search the ship where people will be scattered around in random locations and blockages of debris will only allow access via an obstacle course or a 1 way route/maze sort of thing. hen the situation will unfold to what has happened. An alien life form had boarded and left the ship with documents of importance in their IHC and each person will be questioned by ISB. Upon further searching eggs are found in mass in [x] location and taken for investigation (which could lead to an event on our ship with hatch lings). The event will continue as to where we learn there are still important documents on board in [random location] and we must search for the documents to secure its redacted information bringing them back to the ship. The documents could then be linked to [x] events of recovery missions on alternate planets. Aggressive So for the aggressive event we board as there is gunfire on board even though it is very dark. The doors are sealed shut and Navy Engineers are tasked to open them with a hacking console. The event would have the last of the ships troops die in a hallway and once again having some routes blocked (perhaps making us have to transfer to MH2 after discovering there is no access from MH1) to then secure Highly important personnel to be escorted back through the specific route that they had to find to get to the area. All at the same time being attacked by large amounts of enemy troopers with the ratio of event being about 1/3 event characters as if the infected were creating a hive on board. There will be about 6 important individuals with a large amount of health and can be all killed by the event characters depending on how effective the imperial army is at their duties. Once we board our own imperial star destroyer we will be debriefed. Feel free to use this idea any of the current event masters and to tweak it to your liking. I don't want to become an EM because it is such hard work I just thought this was such a good idea that i had to share it. IDEAS come from Myself (Ubermolen) and Noxu with ideas on how it should be ran. Sorry for grammatical errors i cant be bothered re-reading it. Feel free to come and ask me in game about it or add your own ideas adding on in the comments below.
  4. Ubermolen

    Staircase Saftey

    I will absolutely consider this. We cant have any dark rooms or corners on the ship where illicit activity could be carried out, thanks for your idea.
  5. Ubermolen

    Staircase Saftey

    I understand that many of you may be concerned about the number of stairs on board the ship. However today is your answer. The following link is a report i gave to Navy to truly ensure the safety of our troopers and elder individuals on board..... BTW I did count every substantial step on board (Included areas I requested to enter), this document does not include ramps. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GBr_VYiGSQMHLLWSuYl8G3ORo1puiikvoAFNYH2V-Nc/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Ubermolen

    Hammer's Tier 2 PAC3 Application

    Hammer truly deserves pac tier two. Not only has his original pacs influenced others on the server to stimulate their own creativity in pac but he has created his own persona as a leading role with it, truly enhancing the rp experience surrounding him. good luck +1
  7. Ubermolen

    Kahn's TIER 1 Application

    Very nice pac's for the limited amount you have, however i agree that you probably should add more detail to the questions. I believe you do deserve pac. +1
  8. Ubermolen

    Ana's MIA form

    Good luck with the future to come
  9. Ubermolen

    Crunchys PAC Application V7

    +1 I believe that with Pac crunchy would be able to enhance the to experience of himself and others. Good luck
  10. Ubermolen

    Rest In Peace, Stan Lee

  11. Ubermolen

    Kahn's TMOD Application

    Neutral - I agree with most of what you have written in your application however the DDOS question I believe needs more detail as well as me not knowing who you are exactly on the server due to my 6 week holiday. Good luck
  12. Ubermolen

    Helsing's Tier 1 PAC Application

    Lol I thought you already have pac??? However +1 for reasons stated above.
  13. +1 great responses to the questions and I believe that Shepard would make a great moderator for the server. Ps good luck
  14. Ubermolen

    JD Pac 3 Tier 1 application

    I don’t really know who you are tbh although I haven’t been on in a while. Plus the pac examples are quite basic and with more experience I believe you could make them better. Sorry. -1