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  1. A good scarif map would be pretty dope. Assuming that’s what this is.
  2. Welcome to the retiree's of IG, I'm sure you have left as a legend and will live on in the minds of many. <3 P.S I liked the tag
  3. Dang bro, I remember the photo you posted at the very top there. It was one of the first days or so I joined the server. Im pretty sure from memory im the little ST in the left window. You were such a role model for me when i saw you as the big dog co of 996th and playing with your boys standing on the red line of IHC. From then i took everything more seriously and landed myself a go as a CO just like you. You have always been a sick lad even though i only really spoke to you a fair bit when lucky was CO. GG brother, plz dont pull me over IRL
  4. Mongo you are such a fucking legend bro, hope everything turns out alright for you. If you ever need any support from anyone i'm sure the community as a whole would be more than willing to help you out. You have been very kind to myself and others alike, it will definitely not be the same without you. Sad to see you go... o7
  5. +1 Dude join the inactive crew!!
  6. Stark has been a very mature member of the community, with not only excellent abilities to command a regiment but also take situations under control as a staff member. As an Ex Staff he has remained to be active within the community. I have never seen stark use the moderator to disadvantage anyone on the server, i'm sure the instances above was the outcome of something people wanted to do, after hours and under 20 players to keep the dwindling player count to remain for as long as possible. Hence he deserves the role for a second time, i'm sure he will not let the staff team down and be a role model for all players within the community. Big +1 Ubermolen
  7. Farewell soldier. You will be missed.
  8. @Auzii @Vanilla these new loading screens look dope
  9. @Kamelieon Literally the founder of Ubermolen, bro you trained me from when i was a little st private. All I gotta say is thanks for not kicking me when I went to the US for a long holiday, glad you got to experience what I did that long time ago. GG Kamelieon, you will be missed.
  10. Wombat, you're the man bro. I feel like iv'e known you since I just became the CO of scar, and gonna miss some of the late night chats which were always the greatest. Here is a short video of my fav memory of you. Much love, and good luck with school. Kind regards, Uber
  11. Lmao @Theo i like just did your shock flag. XP might have been a bit late.
  12. @Theo IDK if you are still in shock but I have finally completed your flag. The paste-bin will be in the post soon Here is a preview of the flag.
  13. @Fludders I actually made an MT one dunno why i didnt post it here. Ill put the image in this. If you want this or something different let me know.
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