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  1. So keen bro you don't even know!!
  2. I have not been back for too long now, however I have seen this guy walking around and talked to him for a while. He seems generally nice and well presented on the server with clear dedication to his role of EM. Good luck with your application +1 from me
  3. Mr Rad Cop says it well, does what a mod needs to do. He is also a very good lad. +1
  4. To become a trial moderator it is a requirement for at least a week playtime on the server, this is due to the fact as people have to get to know what you are like especially in tough situations. Honestly discarding someone's opinion on your moderator post seems quite immature, especially if you are planning to become a moderator. I suggest you play a little longer in the community, get to know some of the older player base e.g the people you called "young chaps" as well as the newcomers, treat everyone's opinion equally. -1
  5. The idea of DS-01 is good but in actuality the map is poor by SWRP functionality. Too many restrictions for rp within events, hence why people get bored and its just not as good.
  6. This guys pac's are so good I heard about them before he even came back to the server. Idk what kind of fellow he's like, but his pac's are for sure worthy of tier 2. big +1
  7. I've left the server and just don't have the time to make more banners. This post was made in 2019 and has been left for people to use it as a template to make their own flags
  8. Hi Sophia??? I have no idea who you are but I recommend before reapplying due to you not reaching the minimum playtime threshold. Watch some pac tutorials, experiment with making some models art arch to bones and creating something unique to your character. Good luck with your future application. Application does not meet requirements
  9. Actually dope, RUOK is a great cause. Just make sure to check up with your mates if they seem a bit off, you never know, such a small thing to care for someone could change their life.
  10. Bro I literally thought u started playing the server when IG first came out, Ive always remembered u just being there. I must have joined the server not too long after you as SCAR too was my first regiment with @Kamelieon as CO. Shame we never were really in a regi together although I did really enjoy any rp I had with you. All i'm saying is if SCAR comes back....... so may I???? @Cecil make it happen my g
  11. Becoming a moderator is a pretty big role, there are a lot of things they do behind the scenes that many regular users don’t get to see. It’s a role where you have to commit to helping the community with your time which you appear willing to do. Two of the warns clover received are complete BS in my opinion, however the metagame warn is simply that, a warning not to do it again. I personally know how the staff system on the server changes and shapes maturity of someone. With that being said that is the reason we have trial mod, to test how someone behaves with some basic moderator permissions.
  12. Will this have any affect on purchased channels? Not that I use it anyway.
  13. Wolf, when I left the community for the first time you talked to me on teamspeak in private, to make sure everything was ok. Thats what made you such a great owner, you never wanted to hinder anyone's experience as a negative thing as part of your server. I say thank you for building such a friendly community for that time while I binged Gmod. Cecil is wise and will carry on your compassion towards the playerbase as you did, you have left it in safe hands. o7 Grand General
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