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  1. Actually dope, RUOK is a great cause. Just make sure to check up with your mates if they seem a bit off, you never know, such a small thing to care for someone could change their life.
  2. Bro I literally thought u started playing the server when IG first came out, Ive always remembered u just being there. I must have joined the server not too long after you as SCAR too was my first regiment with @Kamelieon as CO. Shame we never were really in a regi together although I did really enjoy any rp I had with you. All i'm saying is if SCAR comes back....... so may I???? @Cecil make it happen my g
  3. Becoming a moderator is a pretty big role, there are a lot of things they do behind the scenes that many regular users don’t get to see. It’s a role where you have to commit to helping the community with your time which you appear willing to do. Two of the warns clover received are complete BS in my opinion, however the metagame warn is simply that, a warning not to do it again. I personally know how the staff system on the server changes and shapes maturity of someone. With that being said that is the reason we have trial mod, to test how someone behaves with some basic moderator permissions.
  4. Will this have any affect on purchased channels? Not that I use it anyway.
  5. Wolf, when I left the community for the first time you talked to me on teamspeak in private, to make sure everything was ok. Thats what made you such a great owner, you never wanted to hinder anyone's experience as a negative thing as part of your server. I say thank you for building such a friendly community for that time while I binged Gmod. Cecil is wise and will carry on your compassion towards the playerbase as you did, you have left it in safe hands. o7 Grand General
  6. Yo @Bailey can we have like an imperial team and a rebel team. I’d love to cut down some imperials. Like a faction wars type thing
  7. Mongo, you’re an absolute legend. I’m sure so many of us knew you and your positive attitude to others. You have a bright future ahead. I don’t play the server but still appreciate the good times I’ve had with you and others. Peace brother.
  8. Tee Hee 69 in unit number. Anyway super happy for you. Congrats on being approved!!
  9. A good scarif map would be pretty dope. Assuming that’s what this is.
  10. Welcome to the retiree's of IG, I'm sure you have left as a legend and will live on in the minds of many. <3 P.S I liked the tag
  11. Dang bro, I remember the photo you posted at the very top there. It was one of the first days or so I joined the server. Im pretty sure from memory im the little ST in the left window. You were such a role model for me when i saw you as the big dog co of 996th and playing with your boys standing on the red line of IHC. From then i took everything more seriously and landed myself a go as a CO just like you. You have always been a sick lad even though i only really spoke to you a fair bit when lucky was CO. GG brother, plz dont pull me over IRL
  12. Mongo you are such a fucking legend bro, hope everything turns out alright for you. If you ever need any support from anyone i'm sure the community as a whole would be more than willing to help you out. You have been very kind to myself and others alike, it will definitely not be the same without you. Sad to see you go... o7
  13. +1 Dude join the inactive crew!!
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