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  1. This would be such a great idea. It would not only help EM's determine placings, but would be a good way for devs to ensure that regiments remain "somewhat" balanced
  2. Extensive use of PAC3 both tier 1 and 2, could definitely see him do well with tier 2 and will only get better over time. He is a dedicated member of the community and i expect to see a lot more of him +1 good luck.
  3. Wingza, serving beside you guys in shadow is some of the fondest memories I have on the server. The server without you won’t be the same. Although we kind of went our seperate ways on the server it was always great just to have a chat. You will be missed my friend. Stay true to yourself o7
  4. o7 midway, good luck with life
  5. Solid guy, never seen him abuse pac. Could definitely do well with tier 2 to make some epic things. +1 all the way.
  6. +1 He is literally applying to practice for a future job he wishes to get, he's a great guy and would be a perfect applicant for support.
  7. Yuri pretty sums up my thoughts, I'd like to see a bit more of you within the current community. Neutral
  8. Queball shows a knowledgeable understanding of pac3 and has some creative examples. I’m particularly fond of the health event/animation and the carbonate one is very creative. He has also been a good member of the community now for a long time. +1 good luck
  9. Gonna miss you dirthi, unfortunately I didn't interact with you a whole lot on the server, but whenever I did it was always a fun time. You made a big impact on the server buddy, o7 to another one of the greats.
  10. Steam Name: Ubermolen SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:103537685 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167341098 In Game Name: Ubermolen Time Played Imperial RP: 10w 6d + Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I have been a part of IG since august of 2018, during my time on the server I have never had any warns/bans. Along with this I have had access to PAC3 back in 2018 and didn't abuse it when I had it in the past. I left the server due to person
  11. First off I'm just gonna say veteran is a really nice guy, and he is quite good at rp from what I've seen. But here are my reasons why I'll be giving a +1 Pro's - Answers are in depth - Good attitude towards roleplay elements - States how he wants to have a strong involvements with all regiments - Mature in game - Events are well thought out for specific regiments - No ulterior motives to join the EM's Cons - Although he mentions inclusivity of all regiments his events are more regimental specific (I'd love to see an event attempt involving everyone
  12. I believe Storm would be a great individual to receive Pac, he seems to understand how the editor works and successfully can import models and create custom textures which is currently pac META. Storm is a great guy in character as well as also however I believe some of his RP is limited due to how close he is within his friend group on the server. If storm reaches out on the server and attempts rp with regiments outside of the 501st it could be of much benefit to him and allow for a more extensive use of pac 3. Nonetheless I will be giving storm a +1.... Good luck trooper o7
  13. As I'm still familiarising myself with the new community, since i took a break a while ago, it has been a good time for me to see some of the newer members that I am unfamiliar with in their current state. I have seen Kippy around but have never really particularly experienced RP with him. But what I have heard from others is where it counts. On numerous occasions kippy's name has come up (from reputable members) as someone who puts time into the server and dedicates themselves to the regiment they are in at that time, I assume he would have put that same effort and care into his OOC server ro
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