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  1. It’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point, I have no idea why you have not already been approved for pac. You have overwhelming support from the whole community, you have been a dedicated member to IG. It seems as though this application has been tucked under the desk and forgotten about. Please for the love of god can this application be reviewed. 1million +1s @Cecil idk if I’m allowed to tag you.
  2. I’ve just gotta day that room temperature water = greater than cold water. Change my mind.
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    #bringbackrimmin F's in the chat for the lost navy boi
  4. Copyrighted Up vote me instead
  5. Positives - Original ideas (Orphans after battle) Events flow with a beginning and an end. Definitely has the ability to create campaigns Backed by one of the best EM's Very keen about EM Negatives - Some forced RP in event ideas Some could be tweaked to allow more passive RP (Such as the orphans being brainwashed and trained as soldiers) Don't really know you, would like to tho Conclusion - So the application itself is pretty basic, no knowledge of ULX (Easy to learn), and I truly do think you will be able to write great events with a thought out story. Seems like an alright guy, i'm willing to see your ideas through. The bone structure is there, the flesh needs some work. If you have any questions about anything pm me in game - !p Ubermolen +1
  6. +1 need more tier 2 users, the creative genius of Jenkins is great. I have always enjoyed his pac3 creations for the little details he includes. It can only become that much more detailed with tier 2. Good luck.
  7. In the SWTOR prop pack there are around 7 planets. If these plants were able to be larger so when they are in the skybox they are around the same size as the planet when we jump to the planet realm. It would be great to increase rp regarding the planet so we don’t have to just stick with the default tatooine. This would be absolutely awesome. Please take this into consideration.
  8. Welly having known you for a while I know that this role is for you. You are an all round good guy with no underlying motive to be mod. You genuinely want to assist in the communities well being. Therefore you will make a good moderator. +1
  9. More detail in each question would be nice, and although the pac's are somewhat basic I know you are definitely willing to learn more advanced pac such as events. Great guy and definitely trustworthy to have this tool. +1
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    Farewell Brother
  11. I have grown very close to Ragnar over the time on IG, in fact I even gave him the role of 2IC of Scar due to this. Although he may seem 'quiet' quite often at times in character he is one of the most productive individuals on the server. He is constantly innovating the regiments he joins, weather it be creating new models or his unique improvement ideas. Some examples of these are; Scar models, 996th models, and the finance system he is currently working on. I ensure that not only will Ragnar be a great addition to the team, but ensure that standards are kept 'high'. Due to his hardworking and thoughtful personality that always tends to exceed expectations. These are some of the many reasons why I will be giving this application a +1 Good luck
  12. + 1 this is a great idea, purely just to stop the chaos during events and allow for IHC in particular to have a more organised military procedure. Events are often filled with people discrediting the NLR rule and this would somewhat assist in the provention of this.
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    Yo I loved this show lmao
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