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  1. This is so sad, thank you all so much
  2. Good knowing you bro, honestly gonna miss ya
  3. Hello everyone, this may be unexpected for most of you but my time has come. I have probably been the most active scar trooper around as of recent so that’s how you would know me. Older players will know me as the guy who counted all the lights and stairs on the ship. The reason I am leaving and not joining another regiment is because I have only ever been in scar and have no desire for other regiments. I have attempted to make and develop scar into an exciting regiment with a lot to do however it has all just got too hard. No one even wanting to try out is just really disappointing. The server has allowed me to meet so many new friendly people that I would have not met otherwise however. In my belief playing the server excessively has made me loose most of my IRL friends and have done sh*t all with my life. Thank you all for providing me with the IG experience but I’m going to try and develop who I am in real life rather then my virtual persona. Here is what you all want my mentions. If I didn’t mention you don’t feel bad. I’ve only had a handful of bad experiences with players all the rest of you are dope. @Marlu - Marlu was my trainer when I first joined the server it was about 11pm and I didn't even understand what SWRP was, the only thing I remember that night was karaoke in the mess hall. Commanders @Kamelieon - First CO, made such an impact on me, I was always so envious of you up on that stage and then I got a go at it after all. @Lucky - Great CO honestly had such a blast as your 2IC they were some of the best scar days I had, thanks for your time Scar Crew @Ding0 - Dingo you are a great bloke and probably the best 2IC I had. Scar was so lit back in those days... @Crux - Big minge but your a sick lad, should have joined scar back haha. @Ragnar - You were such a good bloke to have around, good luck with 996th @Walker (Frost) - I dont have much to say besides 20 warns, and that time where you threw the LFS prop into the sky killing a pilot causing me to demote you. Ah good times.. @Greg - Greg you always pop into the discord and say my regiments dead. Jokes on you its not my regiment anymore. Also was kicked for saying "neowah" @Tackle - Tackle I miss having you around you were probably my best trooper I've had just by your military knowledge and respect alone, mad respect for you buddy. Roven (Raven of DT) - Dude gonna miss hearing about hungry jacks, haha good times, besides from that you were a great trooper. Staff @Cecil - I cant thank you enough, you have always tried to help me out. Legendary EM, great guy, nicest boi.. @Wingza - f**k your funny, I remember when you pretty much helped me a ton to learn the ropes of CO, before you were demoted that is haha. Nah but im gonna miss you. @Sully - Chill guy to talk to, definitely will grow on the server as you are extremely dedicated. @Wombatiacus - I remember the day I met you, it was late at night and we were just messing around, nice amazing person, glad I met you. @TheNegotiator (Alystair) - Holy sh*t dude you are such a good friend I have had on the server for a while, It always cheers me up when I talk to you about whatever issue I'm having. You deserve much more then you are noticed for. PS hope you get PAC @Hammer - Not gonna lie we used to have a stronger bond, I could tell you were close when you beat me in the corner. I know that your gonna be a great police officer so all the best bro. Some of the greatest pacs around. Honerable mentions All bloody legends.... @SCHEFF, @Kristofer, @bert, @Mono , @Grif, @JDark47(Renegade) , @Welly, RickJames Thank you to everyone who have made mt 1100 hours of playtime on the server a blast, thanks to Wolf, whitey and all the staff team for making IG an experience I will not forget. I might come back once in a while, but will probably be forgotten by the time I do. Perhaps there will be a S&BOX server for IG by then, who knows. Piece out y’all for one last time.
  4. Yo I was that royal guard... the one with the red cloak
  5. Farewell Boris, good luck with life
  6. Amazing PACs and detailed application. When I first joined the server I barely remember any people by there PACs. The two I’d say I’d remember is Helsing’s and Kamelieon’s scar pac. I believe he has advanced knowledge of the tool and will utilise all functionalities of it whilst abiding by the rules and restrictions. Due to these reasons I will be giving a +1
  7. I truly know that Verstappen is a great guy. He is kind, always welcoming to players around the ISD and I don't believe he would abuse this tool at all. However with saying this the application is lacking a fair amount of detail when it comes to the small responses. Also I would love to see more unique pac's that you have created from your imagination. My tip would be think of something that can evolve around your characters load out such as the parachute. I would love to see some stuff done with that, possibly also some more experimentation with the events. If you need any help feel free to contact me on discord or pm me in game.
  8. Ubermolen

    Their True Identity

    sheeet the truth has been revealed.... How could you do this @Mongo
  9. Ubermolen

    I got hacked

    The best part is when I said what did you give him for the account he was like "you didn't give me nothing" and cut off the kid
  10. Ubermolen

    I got hacked

    Hello everyone, a few weeks ago @Sully I believe made a post about internet safety. I would just like to reinstate this message today as I found out my epic games account was hacked and sold to a victim of the scam. The victims were myself and Streamer_BTW__. I do not believe it was the kids attempt to make life hard for myself he just was the culprit of a scam. However in the clip below you will see who I believe is the main suspect has manipulated the kid into buying the account and has claims he owns many more. He admitted to selling the accounts however not hacking them. It is my belief that Ricksharp384 had done these things for self gain/ profit for himself with a lack of empathy for the victims of the situation. This was my mistake for having the same passwords on multiple accounts my email and epic account. Do you believe Rick or think he is the scammer, give me your opinions in the comments below.... Enjoy the video This is the where I get them to state the entire story after digging, if you want to watch more I join the party and start questioning at 22:30 The breakdown of the situation
  11. Not sure how I haven’t +1 this already. Alystair is an amazing individual on the ISD and well respected by many in the community. His talent is amazing when it comes to construction ingame so I have no doubts the level of detail will carry over to pac3. Good luck +1
  12. I believe Frost / walker would be quite interesting in this with over 20 warns for his “adventurous play style” 🤔
  13. Finally, I have found Kristofers weakness. Time to take him out...
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