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  1. Saint

    Regimental posters

    Two versions of this one--The image I used had the Emperor and Darth in the visor, but I decided to edit it out for the 2nd version.
  2. +1 because pine is a rude head.
  3. Plus 1, good kid +1 +1
  4. -1 never on, tbh don't know if he's a person, might be lizard.
  5. +1 peanuts are pretty tasty tbh
  6. Neutral for now, your event need some more spice in it. You need to be a bit more active on the server too, the only time I've really seen you is today...
  7. Saint

    Regimental posters

    Another two, not the best but not the worst. Might find new quotes. ISB and Pilots.
  8. Just a little old bingle dingle <3


  9. Saint

    Regimental posters

    Imperial Commandos finished, I have 2 versions of it, both with different quotes.
  10. Saint

    Regimental posters

    Storm Trooper done:
  11. Saint

    Regimental posters

    Hey guys decided to take some time to make some regimental posters that can be used for things...so far I have 212th and 442nd, will be working on some more but give me suggestions if you want something done quickly.
  12. +1 looks pretty sick. Don't think we would have to use the "join us" posters.
  13. Saint

    Suna's Staff App

    +1 best security droid.
  14. +1, fairly good player. Just calm it down on the memes.
  15. Able Crewman? More like disabled crewman. its a joke we like to joke around these parts
  16. Hey kiddo, "Hi, I am Kallus and I like to torture people". Nice edge you got there
  17. Hey guys, I've been talking to Wolf and Kosmos about getting our own Teamspeak channel so I can host Weekly (probably every saturday/friday night) Savage Worlds Games. If you aren't familiar with Savage Worlds its basically like Dungeons and Dragons but much, much better. It allows for the custom creation of an entire race (which will populate the universe) and then the creation of a character stemming from that race. Savage Worlds also means that encounters (battles) don't need to use a mat, so they can easily be done over Teamspeak. I will be running and creating the game- so far its going t
  18. Hey fellas, its me Saint. I'm Inquisitor currently. I'm a kool dude- over 1 week on the server. I love the bee movie
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