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  1. Before you continue please note that I have absolutely 0 experience in coding for Gmod. Anyway, it seems cool, but would it even be possible to bring that into Gmod, and if so would it be difficult to do? Main question is: how is this going to be done?
  2. The application is in a bit of a cluster, difficult to read and all about confusing. Not giving you a -1 because I'm not gonna be that guy. Just saying that if you fix it up i'll give you a +1. Fixing it just shows the little things you do to help you progress through the community.
  3. Saint

    RP Cards

    I said it would be good if they were customisable. It would be interesting to have regimental cards or cards for the navy. Jeez no need to git mad
  4. Saint

    RP Cards

    helps with passive RP i suppose
  5. +1, interesting event ideas, good timing, looks like you put a good amount of effort into your application.
  6. Saint

    RP Cards

    Sounds interesting if they could be fully customised, like specific regiments would be awesome.
  7. Seems like Land map has won by a landslide. 49 to 18 votes.
  8. A new step in human evolution *Bank's Screech*
  9. -1, when the Terms and Condition area is longer than anything you've written all together ya got issues.
  10. -1, short, need more time on the server, I would say at least 4-5 days.
  11. -1, much like the other ones, you aren't currently fit for the role of a staff member currently. Very small application. Applications need to have a lot of thought in them, your longest area is the 'Terms and Conditions'.
  12. I'm fairly sure that Imperial Commandos had all their customs armours cleaned back to white, meaning there are no special ones like the Republic you linked. Even Delta Squad changed. Huds seem cool, but it means that sith would see it too? Knife is eh.
  13. Saint


    +1 look pretty sick, could see possible uses in events. They also don't look like they cause as much FPS drops as the emitters.
  14. Look at this dude, look at his lips! Hey.
  15. Remember that every map has its limited, if too much it put in it could cause FPS drops. But I'm sure that a fair bit could be added before it becomes an issue. But the ground idea sounds wonderful, instead of having small rooms to allocate jobs (medics/ISB/sith/ect) we would have fairly large buildings that could actually be decorated nicely with decent amount of space left <3.
  16. Nah Sith should get a large place so Individual Sith Lords/Darths could have their own rooms.
  17. If the land map is done, can we have fairly large (but equal) trooper bunks? Just so everyone has a large one. Also sith bunks
  18. Land map would be pretty sick. Lets just hope the FPS isn't too low.
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