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  1. Hello there my friends, *tips fedora and adjusts it well*. Around this area they call me Saint *lets out a slight chuckle, the smirk on his face growing wider* But you can call me, Sir Saint *he winks while looking deeply into your eyes, his own being shrouded in mystery* How are you doing this...*he looks up into the dark sky, the stars reflecting in his eyes* very fine night? *He adjusts his head to look towards the ground, but his gorgeous eyes captivate you still.* Oh me? *He chuckles once again, taking a slight glance at his gold pocket watch, engraved with his Waifu* I'm doing quite well. Even better now that I've seen you. *after listening to you talk he looks saddened* Oh? He broke up with you did he? Well it's his mistake isn't it, why would someone even leave such a fine wonder such as yourself, all alone. *He checks his long-coat and smiles* I think I have something to help you with that problem, something almost as beautiful as you *He pulls out a beautiful Red Rose and accidentally pricks himself in the thumb with a thorn* Ouch! *He lets another small chuckle out* My mistake *He looks a bit surprised at what you said but is still happy* Oh, you want me to come in? Of course I would, maybe we could bandage this fallen soldier. *He puts his brand new Gundam in his bag and follows you upstairs* 


    ye ill probs start playing again

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  2. Hey guys, some of you may have noticed that I haven't been on the server for about a week or two, thats because I've been working quite hard on my half yearly Year 12 exams over the weeks so I made sure I wasn't distracted by Imperial. I'll try to get on best I can ASAP but I have two major tasks I have to work on, but hey, i'll be on most days in the weeks/months to come. <3


  3. Righty, gonna be honest, this is a shit application. It's obvious you didn't put much effort into it, if you want reference for good applications look at accepted ones to see an acceptable limit. Yeah you are a good, fun, mad player on the server, but having a small application like this doesn't make you look good at all. Lack of grammar, punctuation and overall effort. Please fix. -1

  4. +1, good application, answers look well thought out, my only criticism would be the lack of hours. The reset was a while back, only having roughly 4days isn't massive, but not giving you a -1 for that reason. Just pump those numbers up!


  5. Righty, you 100% need more hours, probably in the 4-5 days area. The application overall seems poorly made, you need a better reason for wanting to become a staff member, reasons that include helping the Imperial Gaming community grow and prosper. What you have now looks really bad, if fixed I'll be happy to read it again and change my -1 currently to a +1

  6. Uh, currently a neutral. I have nothing against you but I think that a staff member needs to be outspoken within the community. Showing a sense of initiative whether it be on the forums or in the game. Interact with players and make a big name for yourself. For instance take me, I annoy people. Thats my name. Anyway yeah, overall just be more outspoken within he community, if I do notice it I'll have no issue with changing to a +1.

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