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  1. Im totally on board with this, i'll be sure to keep an ooc record of character backstories and such so that they can have information for you to squeeze from them...not that im going to make it easy for you
  2. I'll absolutely take these things on board. The last thing i want is to create a haven for mingy behavior, and i certainly wont be doing anything unless the majority of the server is comfortable with me doing it and comfortable with the way i do it. I'll defiantly be speaking with the EM's, that's a great idea thank you. i'd love their input on both restrictions and options available to me, maybe even integrating this into some events could be an option for them. could you direct me as to whom i should speak to in regards to the event masters?
  3. Ive spoken to some of ISB, and therye happy with some for of Name PK, without resetting rank, alternatively ive toyed with the idea of changing your name when you're working as a spy, but obviously this would have a lot of rules attached to it
  4. Ive been toying with an idea for the server for a while now, about creating a group of rebel spies on the ISD Chimera to act as red team to security and to add some more passive RP for people to be involved in when events arn't taking place. think a long, drawn out conspiracy to be unraveled over time. Ive spoken with a few members of ISB, and members of shock and riot, and they seem happy for me to go ahead with my plans. What i really need now is if anyone would be interested in being one of the spies, or even taking up a leadership roll in the project. Just reply to this post if you are int
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