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  1. My favourite part of that was me jumping out of my TIE while it was still moving into the rebel spawn. Stealing a rebel ship, flying away and shooting down other rebels.
  2. Thanks guys I appreciate the recognition for my efforts.
  3. Parcy

    Christmas Giveaway

    [224-04] Parcy Sins would be dope.
  4. Parcy

    Parcy's Introduction

    Who am I? Who are you? What? Hi? I'm Parcy I guess. I'm completely new to the server and haven't been playing on and off since September 2017. Despacito is a descent song I guess. I'm lonely so please come say hi to me. All Hail Father Mud And The Mud Gang
  5. Parcy

    Parcy's Farewell

    I've already been gone for a few weeks now I just thought it might be a good idea to make it official on here. I've just had a few serious life issues come up as well as not enjoying the server as much anymore. IG is a great community and I wish you all the best in the future. @AusyTyranid @Snoozy @Pulse (idk your forums name) Thanks for taking me into SK/RT and making my time on the server a blast. You are all great to chill with and abuse :^) @Rickle Stop being a minge To anyone else who i didn't mention sorry lol ill still remember you (maybe) Peace.
  6. As you can see this poor animal was being abused by Basicly for hours on end. One like = one prayer