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  1. BUMP A new Tier 2 example has been added looking forward to further construct comments
  2. BUMP Thanks for all the Support @Mouse @LimeStrider looking forward to further construct comments
  3. Their not reg's and dont have dedicated researchers the research core would work for all of those projects
  4. Just an idea they would act as guards and security for navy
  5. Their are better Sub Reg ideas for example these are a few i thought up medical research core for medics or Imperial researchers as their own reg aligned with TI or any projects naval troopers for navy scout troopers replace the widow role in STs Bring Chimaera squad back as a sub reg of DT assigned to naval duties
  6. For all these reasons I add my PHAT +1
  7. BUMP Thanks for all the Support @PULSE @Echo looking forward to further construct comments
  8. Who did the voice acting its pretty good
  9. Continuing with the idea of past regiments returning, I thought it would be nice for people to post some past moments with those regiments to reminisce about
  10. BUMP Thanks for all the input looking forward to further construct comments
  11. Sith Marauders or a new reg with a similar role would be fun to return
  12. The server was twice a fun when the pulse cannon rained supreme
  13. How will Dropping health and Weapon efficiently make it more fun for current players didn’t it essentially do nothing if the ECs healths are dropped accordingly
  14. So why are they trying it again surely it wont help the servers player numbers mind you before the last rework our player count was significantly higher (just a observation)
  15. Isn’t this the second time this has been attempted and I guarantee this will not please most people the same as last time
  16. + 1 examples show skill and creativity active and mature - best of luck
  17. Bump All prior issues with app should be solved and A further tier 2 example has been added
  18. Yes its fixed and its old honestly i forgot about the signature
  19. I realise that ive spoken to siege monkey hes said its a issue he would fix and just to fix it when you post the app like i have
  20. Thats old theres new questions https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/application/form/21-imperial-rp-pac3-tier-2-application/
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